How many TCODES for FICO module? Which TCODES to be used to find asset list?

Do you want it.



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TCode Transaction Text
/IVL/Z015 Transaction for Cenvat Register
2KEE Profit Center: Totals Records
7KE2 Display Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE4 Display Plan Inventories
7KE6 Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
8KEG_03 Display Pricing Report
9KE6 Display Statist. Key Figure Balances
9KE9 Display Profit Center Document
AC03 Service Master
AC06 List Display: Service Master
AC10 Class Hierarchy with Services
AIS_STDREP Standard Reporting on Results DB
AKE10 Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE3 Display Condition
AKE7 PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
APPSEARCH Reporting Options for Appraisals
AR01 Call Asset List
AR02 Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03 Call Up Depreciation List
ARAL Display Application Log
ARQ0 FIAA – Ad hoc reports
AS03 Display Asset Master Record
AS23 Display Group Asset
AW01N Asset Explorer
BS42 Maintain Status Selection Profiles
C251 Print Master Recipes
C252 Print Production Versions
C260 Recipe Development on Time Basis
C261 Change Document Display Master Rec.
CA03 Display Routing
CA13 Display Reference Operation Set
CA23 Display Rate Routing
CA33 Display Reference Rate Routing
CA51 Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set, Fields Fixed
CA60 Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. Sets
CA61 Change Documents for Routing
CA62 Documents for Ref. Op. Sets
CA63 Change documents for rate routings
CA64 Change documents for ref. rate rtgs
CA70 PRT Where-Used Lists
CA72 PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL Types
CA73 Standard Networks for PRT
CA80 Use of Work Center in Task Lists
CA81 Master recipe usage and resources
CA82 Where-used Lists EQUI Work Center
CA83 Standard Networks for Work Center
CA90 Use of Ref. Op. Set in Routings
CAA0 Process instr. usage in recipes
CC03 Display Change Master
CC04 Display Product Structure
CC05 Change overview
CC07 Engineering Change Mgmt information
CC23 Display Object Management Record
CC60 Browser hierarchy
CE16 Use of CAPP elements (single-level)
CF03 Display Production Resources/Tools
CF10 PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.order
CF11 PRT: Use of material in prod. order
CF12 PRT: Use of document in prod. order
CF13 PRT: Use of equipment in prod. order
CF15 PRT: Use of PRT master in network
CF16 PRT: Use of material in network
CF17 PRT: Use of document in network
CF18 PRT: Use of piece of equip. in netw.
CF20 PRT: Use of PRT master in orders
CF21 PRT: Use of material in orders
CF22 PRT: Use of document in orders
CF23 PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in orders
CF28 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order
CG54 Report Information System
CJ00 Find Digital Signatures
CJ3B Display Budget Document
CJ81 Update Report List
CJBBS1 Planning Board Report Assignment
CJBBS2 Structure Overview Report Asst
CJCS Standard WBS
CJE0 Run Hierarchy Report
CJE1 Create Hierarchy Report
CJE3 Display Hierarchy Report
CJE4 Create Project Report Layout
CJE5 Change Project Report Layout
CJE6 Display Project Report Layout
CJEB Background Processing, Hier.Reports
CJEV Maintain Global Variable
CJH2 Project Inheritance Log
CJI3 Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJI4 Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJI5 Project Commitment Line Items
CJI8 Project Budget Line Items
CJI9 Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
CJIA Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
CJIB Project Plan Payment Line Items
CJID Display Project Settlement Line Itms
CJIF Projects: Profitability Analysis LI
CJIG Display PS Cash Documents
CJSA Data Transfer to SAP-EIS
CJVC Value Category Checking Program
CK13N Display Material Cost Estimate
CK79_99 Material: Itemization Comparison
CK80_99 Material: Cost Components
CK83 Print Cost Estimates in Background
CK84_99 Material: Itemization
CK85_99 Sales Document: Itemization
CK85_99_COST_ELEMENT Cost Elements
CK86_99 Material: Multilevel BOM
CK87_99 Sales Document: Multilevel BOM
CK88_99 Material: Partner Cost Comp. Split
CK89_99 Sales Document: Cost Components
CKAPP01 Materials To Be Costed
CKAPP03 Sales Order Item to be Costed
CKM3 Material Price Analysis
CKMB Display Material Ledger Document
CKMPCD Display Price Change Document
CKMTOPPRICEDIF Mat. with Highest MAP Difference
CKMTOPSTOCKVAL Materials w/ Highest Inventory Value
CL26 Mass Release of Assignments
CL2A Classification Status
CL30N Find Objects in Classes
CL31 Find Object In Class Type
CL6A Class List
CL6AN Class List (ALV)
CL6B Object List
CL6BN Object List (ALV)
CL6C Class Hierarchy
CL6D Classes Without Superior Class
CL6E Copy DIN Standard
CL6F Copy DIN Characteristic Data
CL6G Create Material w. DIN Char. Data
CL6H Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge
CL6K Delete Characteristic (Class w. Obj)
CL6M Delete Class (with Assignments)
CL6O Plus-Minus Object Display
CL6P Where-Used List for Classes
CL6Q Where-Used List for Classes
CL6R Direct Input for Classes
CL6T Copy Text for Classes
CLB1 Batch Input for Classification
CLB2 Direct Input for Classification
CLB3 Display Classification File
CLM10 Claim Overview
CLM11 Claim Hierarchy
CLST Create Class Statistics
CLWG Display Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWO Display MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CM01 Cap. planning, work center load
CM02 Capac. planning, work center orders
CM03 Capac. planning, work center pool
CM04 Capac. planning, work center backlog
CM05 Capacity plan.:Work center overload
CM07 Cap. planning: Variable access
CM21 Capacity leveling SFC planning table
CM22 Capacity leveling:SFC planning table
CM23 Capacity leveling: SFC orders tab.
CM31 Cap. leveling: SFC orders graphical
CM38 Capacity leveling L-T planning
CM50 Capacity level.: SFC work cntr list
CM51 Cap.level.: SFC individual.cap. list
CM52 Cap.leveling: SFC orders list
CM53 Capacity leveling: PS elem/version
CM54 Capacity leveling: PS list via vers.
CM55 Cap.leveling: PS list WCntr/version
CM56 Capacity leveling: PI resource list
CM57 Capacity leveling: PI orders list
CMOD Enhancements
CMP9 Workforce Planning – Reporting
CMS1 Create set (PPC)
CMV1 Create variable
CN41 Structure Overview
CN42 Overview: Project Definitions
CN42N Overview: Project Definitions
CN43 Overview: WBS Elements
CN43N Overview: WBS Elements
CN44 Overview: Planned Orders
CN44N Overview: Planned Orders
CN45 Overview: Orders
CN45N Overview: Orders
CN46 Overview: Networks
CN46N Overview: Networks
CN47 Overview: Activities/Elements
CN47N Overview: Activities/Elements
CN48 Overview: Confirmations
CN48N Overview: Confirmations
CN49 Overview: Relationships
CN49N Overview: Relationships
CN50 Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN50N Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN51 Overview: PRTs
CN51N Overview: PRTs
CN52 Overview: Components
CN52N Overview: Components
CN53 Overview: Milestones
CN53N Overview: Milestones
CN54N Overview: Sales Document
CN55N Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items
CN60 Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CN61 Standard network
CN70 Overview: Batch variants
CNE5 Progress Analysis
CNMT Milestone Trend Analysis
CNS54 Overview: Sales Document
CNS55 Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Items
CO03 Display Production Order
CO03S Display simulation order
CO09 Availability Overview
CO20 Orders acc. to Order Numbers
CO21 Orders for Material
CO22 Orders for MRP Controller
CO23 Orders for the production scheduler
CO24 MissingPartsInfoSyst
CO46 Order progress report
COEBR Batch Record
COGI Postprocess Faulty Goods Movements
COID Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI
COIF Production Memos
COIO Order Info System for PP-PI
COOIS Production Order Information System
CP13 Business Processes: Master Data Rep.
CP20 Business Alloc Structure Display
CPB1 Business Processes: Act. Line Items
CPBL Bus. Processes: Planning Overview
CPBP Business Processes: Plan Line Items
CPBT Bus. Process.: Activity Price Report
CR03 Display Work Center
CR05 Work Center List
CR06 Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr
CR07 Work Center Capacities
CR08 Work Center Hierarchy
CR10 Work center change documents
CR13 Display Capacity
CR15 Capacity where-used
CR23 Display Hierarchy
CR40 Work center usage in deleted object
CR60 Work center information system
CS03 Display Material BOM
CS06 Display Material BOM Group
CS09 Display Allocations to Plant
CS11 Display BOM Level by Level
CS12 Multilevel BOM
CS13 Summarized BOM
CS14 BOM Comparison
CS15 Single-Level Where-Used List
CS42 Display Material Config. Assignment
CS63 Display Order BOM
CS80 Change Documents for Material BOM
CS81 Change Documents for Standard BOM
CS82 Change documents for sales order BOM
CS83 Change documents for WBS BOM
CSC5 Single-Level Class Where-Used List
CSD5 Single-Level Doc. Where-Used List
CSK1 Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosion
CSK2 Multi-level sales order BOM
CSK3 Sales order BOM – summarized BOM
CSP1 Multi-level WBS BOM explosion
CSP2 WBS BOM multi-level BOM
CSP3 WBS BOM – summarized BOM
CT10 Characteristics List
CT11 CT12
CT21 Batch Input for Characteristics
CT22 Maint. Seq. File for Characteristics
CT23 Display Chars for Change Number
CT24 Display Change Numbers Used
CT25 Where-Used List of Chars in Deps
CU04 Dependency List
CU05 Dependency Where-Used List
CU52 Display Order BOM
CU64 Table Structure List
CU68 Function List
CU80 Configurable Mat. Characteristics
CV03N Display document
CV04 List Document Info Records
CV04N Find Document
CV13 Display Document Structure
CV30 Display Transfer Log
CV31 Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CV80 Change Documents for Doc. Structure
CX1B0 List Master Data: Cons Units
CX1C0 List Master Data: Cons Groups
CX1H0 Where-used List for CG/CU
CX1H1 FS Items Where-Used List
CX1I1 List Master Data: FS Items
CX1S1 List Master Data: Subitems
CX2V1 Customize Version
CX34 Database list of totals
CX56 Database list of journal entries
CX5I1 Customizing of Interunit Elimination
CX5P1 Inventory Data
CX5P2 Supplier Data
CX5R1 Customizing of Reclassifications
CX5UD Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv.
CX64 Group shares
CX65 Changes in investments
CX66 Changes in investee equity
CX67 Amortization of goodwill
CX68 Equity Holdings Adjustments
CX6C1 Customizing of Cons. of Investments
CX6F4 Rptd Data, FVA: Reporting
CX6F5 Changes to Eliminated Fair Value Adj
CX6F6 Fair Value Adjustments
CX7F0 List of Ownership
CXNQ Display Transferred Documents
CXNR Reconc. totals record General/ConsSL
CXNX Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level
CXNZ Reconciliation Totals Consolidation
DBG_TABLE_TO_EXCEL ABAP Debugger: Table as Excel File
DGR1 Displaying DG master data
DGR3 Display DG Packaging Data
DSAL Digital Signature Logs
ENGR Periodic Declarations
F.01 ABAP Report: Financial Statements
F.08 G/L: Account Balances
F.10 G/L: Chart of Accounts
F.20 A/R: Account List
F.21 A/R: Open Items
F.23 A/R: Account Balances
F.29 A/R: Set Up Info System 1
F.30 A/R: Evaluate Info System
F.31 Credit Management – Overview
F.35 Credit Master Sheet
F.40 A/P: Account List
F.41 A/P: Open Items
F.42 A/P: Account Balances
F.45 A/P: Set Up Info System 1
F.46 A/P: Evaluate Info System
F.51 G/L: Open Items
F.54 G/L: Structured Account Balances
F.75 Extended Bill/Exchange Information
F840 Display Object
F873 Display Payment Request
F883 Display Acceptance Request
F893 Display Clearing Request
F8BT Display Payment Requests
F8Q4 Display Standing Request
FB02 Change Document
FB03 Display Document
FB08 Reverse Document
FBF1 C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
FBF2 Financial Transactions
FBF3 Control Report
FBF4 Download Documents
FBF5 Reports Minus Vendor Accounts
FBF6 Document Changes
FBF7 C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
FBF8 C84 Reports
FBL1N Vendor Line Items
FBL3N G/L Account Line Items
FBL5 Display Customer Line Items
FBL5N Customer Line Items
FC80 Document C80
FC82 Document C82
FCHN Check Register
FD03 Display Customer (Accounting)
FD04 Customer Changes (Accounting)
FD10 Customer Account Balance
FD10N Customer Balance Display
FD11 Customer Account Analysis
FD24 Credit Limit Changes
FD33 Display Customer Credit Management
FF-1 Outstanding Checks
FF-3 Cash Management Summary Records
FF-4 CMF Data In Accounting Documents
FF-5 CMF Records fr.Materials Management
FF-6 CMF Records from Sales
FF-7 Planned Item Journal
FF-8 Payment Advice Journal
FF.3 G/L Account Cashed Checks
FF/1 Compare Bank Terms
FF/2 Compare value date
FF7A Cash Position
FF7B Liquidity forecast
FI03 Display Bank
FK03 Display Vendor (Accounting)
FK10N Vendor Balance Display
FKT1 GKE-Meldung
FKT2 Devisentableau Darlehen
FKT3 Standmeldung
FKT4 Umsätze
FKTM Pflege UPOS aus Bewegungsarten
FKTN Pflege Melderelevante Bewegungsarten
FKTNS Pflege Umschl.Schuldenbewegungsarten
FKTO Pflege Melderelevante Produktarten
FKTP Pflege Meldungsarten
FKTQ Pflege Kennummernpriorität DÜVA
FKTR Pflege Versicherungssparten DÜVA
FKTS Pflege Steuerung Großkreditmeldung
FKTU steuerung Derivat. in GKE-Meld. AT
FKTVS Bewertungssimulation für DÜVA
FM2G Field Contents in Funds Centers
FM3G Commitment Item Hierarchy
FM4G Budget Structure Element Hierarchy
FM5S FIFM: Display Fund
FM6S FIFM: Display Application of Funds
FM9L FM: Display Budget Structure
FMBSBOS Dispay Budget Addresses
FMBSBO_DATA Budget data on invalid objects
FMBSIDX_INCON Display index inconsistencies
FMBSPOS Display Posting Addresses
FMBSPO_DATA Actual/Commitment on invalid objects
FMCIC Display commitment item
FMCIE Display Commitment Item: Hierarchy
FMD0 HHM:Nachtr.Sammelnachw.Plan anzeigen
FMD8 FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan
FMDB FM: Display Budget Plan
FMDD FM: Display Collect. Expnd. planning
FMDL FM Loc. Auth.: Display Net Voting
FMFG_E_1099_C Tax Form 1099-C
FMFG_E_TRANS_REG Transaction Register
FMFG_E_ZFZALI00 Payment Settlement List
FMFG_E_ZOPAC Online Payment and Collection System
FMG3 Display Budget Structure Template
FMKD Kontoauszug Debitor
FMKG Text zur Gliederung
FMKK Kontoauszug Kreditor
FMKO Finanzpositionen-Alphabetische Liste
FMKO_RFFMKAUS Liste aller SN-Buchungsstellen
FMKO_RFFMKBHA Sicht Ausgaben
FMKO_RFFMKBHE Sicht auf eine HHstelle: Einnahmen
FMKO_RFFMKBHH Uebersicht Bewirtschaftung
FMKO_RFFMKBHV Sicht Verwahr und Vorschuß
FMKO_RFFMKBVSX Vergleich Saldenbudgetierung
FMKO_RFFMKDED Übersicht über die einseitige Deck.
FMKO_RFFMKDGD Übersicht der Deckungsringe
FMKO_RFFMKDKZ Liste aller Kurzkennzeichen
FMKO_RFFMKEVMNX Einzelplan Vermögenshaushalt
FMKO_RFFMKEVMX Einzelplan Vermögenshaushalt
FMKO_RFFMKEVWNX Einzelplan Nachtrag
FMKO_RFFMKEVWX Einzelplan Verwaltungshaushalt
FMKO_RFFMKFPAX Finanzplan – Verdichtete Form
FMKO_RFFMKFPIX Investitionsmassnahmen
FMKO_RFFMKGB2X Gesamtplan Teil B
FMKO_RFFMKGEAX Gesamtplan Teil A
FMKO_RFFMKGEBX Gesamtplan Teil B
FMKO_RFFMKGECX Gesamtplan Teil C
FMKO_RFFMKGEDX Gesamtplan Teil D
FMKO_RFFMKHHSX Haushaltsansatzstatistik
FMKO_RFFMKJR1 Jahresrechnung: Übersicht
FMKO_RFFMKSML Aufteilung auf Auflösungs
FMKO_RFFMKSNR Sammelnachweishierarchie
FMKO_RFFMKSSN Liste der Aufloesungsunterabschnitte
FMKO_RFFMKTZB Zeitbuch ( Tagesabschluß )
FMKO_RFFMKVBU Sammelnachweis-Buchungsstellen
FMKO_RFFMKVERX Übersicht über Verpflichtungserm.
FMKO_RFFMKVVG Versionsvergleich (Haushaltsplanung)
FMKO_RFFMREBU Verteilbarwerte: Budget / Freigaben
FMKU Text zur Gruppierung
FMMEASURED Funded Program: Display
FMME_SET_D Funded Program Groups Display
FMNA Display CBA Rules
FMNS Display CBA Rules
FMPLDPD FI-FM: Change Plan Data
FMRC Reason codes for penalties (report)
FMRC21 Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds
FMRC22 Reconciliation of Purchase Orders
FMRC23 Reconciliation of Purch. Requisition
FMRFFMVVA Veränderungsnachweis
FMRP_2FMB4001 Commitments/Actuals
FMRP_2FMB4002 Assigned Funds
FMRP_3FMB4001 Annual Budget
FMRP_3FMB4002 Overall Budget
FMRP_3FMB4003 Budget: Period Display
FMRP_3FMB4004 Assigned Funds (Annual Budget)
FMRP_3FMB4005 Assigned Funds (Overall Budget)
FMRP_3FMB4006 Assigned Fds (Releases, Annual Bdgt)
FMRP_3FMB4007 Assigned Fds (Releases,Overall Bdgt)
FMRP_RFFMAV01X Annual Budget
FMRP_RFFMAV02X Overall Budget
FMRP_RFFMAV03X Budget Deficits with Expenditures
FMRP_RFFMAV04X Budget Deficits for Revenues
FMRP_RFFMAV05X Cross Assignments and Outside Usages
FMRP_RFFMCE01 Monitor for Cover Eligibility
FMRP_RFFMCE11 Overview of Cover Pools with FMAA
FMRP_RFFMCE12 Overview of Cover Pools
FMRP_RFFMCE13 Overview Revenue Cover Pool
FMRP_RFFMCE21 FMAA Subj. to Cvr to FMAA Cvr
FMRP_RFFMCE22 Ent. to Cvr to Subj. to Cvr FMAA
FMRP_RFFMCE23 Subj. to cover to Expend. Cover Pool
FMRP_RFFMCE31 Rules f. Revenues Increasing Budget
FMRP_RFFMCE32 Rules for Revenues Cover Pools
FMRP_RFFMCE41 Collective Expenditure FM Acct Asgts
FMRP_RFFMEP1BX Annual Budget
FMRP_RFFMEP1GX Yr End Closing: Cmmts/Bdgt Carrd Fwd
FMRP_RFFMEP1OX Commitments and Funds Transfers
FMRP_RFFMEP2AX PBOF – Commts/Actuals Line Items
FMRP_RFFMEP2BX Overall Budget
FMRP_RFFMEP30X PBOF – Annual Bdgt vs Cmmts/Acts LIs
FMRP_RFFMEP31X PBOF – Overall Bgt vs Cmmts/Acts LIs
FMRP_RFFMEP3GX Year-End Clsg: Preselected Budget
FMRP_RFFMEP4BX Periodical Display
FMRP_RFFMTO10X Commitment/Actual Totals Records
FMRP_RFFMTO20X Additional Revenues
FMRP_RFFMTO30X PBOF – Ann.Bdgt vs Cmmts/Acts Totals
FMRP_RFFMTO31X PBOF – Ovrl Bgt vs Cmmts/Acts Totals
FMRP_RFFMTO50 Annual Budget: List
FMSC Display Funds Center in FM Area
FMSE Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds Ctr
FMSS Display Status Assignment
FMST Statistical report for PPA
FMV3 Display Forecast of Revenue
FMVPM3 Display Forecast of Rev. Value Adjmt
FMW3 Display Funds Block
FMWC Display Funds Transfer
FMWPM3 Display Funds Block for Value Adjst.
FMX3 Display Funds Reservation
FMXPM3 Funds Reservation: Displ. Value Adj.
FMY3 Display Funds Precommitment
FMYPM3 Funds precmmt: Display value adjust.
FMZ3 Display Funds Commitment
FMZPM3 Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustment
FM_SETS_FICTR3 Display Funds Center Group
FM_SETS_FIPEX3 Display Commitment Item Group
FM_SETS_FUNCTION3 Display Functional Area Group
FM_SETS_FUND3 Display Fund Group
FNK0 Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)
FNK1 Loans to Managers (GBA15)
FNKWGFLAG Maintain GBA Reporting Indicator
FNWF WF Loans Release: List of Work Items
FO65 Overview of Settlement Units
FO66 Overview cost collectors for SU
FO67 SU Overview for Rental Unit
FO8DN Input Tax Distribution Log
FO8L Changed Option Rate Ratios
FO8N OptRte-Relevant Changes RU / LO
FO8Q Incoming payments by posting date
FO9T Selection Version Tree Real Estate
FO9U User-Spec. Sel.Vers.Tree Real Estate
FOAY Balance List by Real Estate Object
FOJ5 Display Contingencies
FOJZ RE Contract: Contract Data Reporting
FOMF OI list by business entity
FOOPTRATES Option Rate Report
FOSL General Real Estate Posting Log
FOU6 List of sales reports per year
FOU7 List of sales reports per month
FOU8 Overview of Missing Sales Reports
FOW8 Rent requests evaluation
FQUD Customer Queries
FQUK Vendor Queries
FQUS G/L Account Queries
FR02 Display original commitments
FR05 Display original payments
FR08 Display Release Commitments
FR11 Display Release Payments
FR16 Display Supplement Commitments
FR20 Display Supplement Payments
FR24 Display Return Commitments
FR28 Display Return Payments
FS03 Display Master Record
FS10N Balance Display
FSI3 Display Report
FSRD Loans Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRG Money Mkt Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRW Securities Regulatory Reporting CH
FTRSL G/L Account Balances
FTRSLK Expense Account Balances
FTRUE Cost of Sales Statement
FTUS Foreign Trade: Maintain User Data
FVZA Inflow/outflow list report
FWBJ Posting journal
FWDG Class information
FWDP Securities account list
FWIW Securities information
FWLL Proportion of Equity and Voting Rept
FZ10 Loans: Circular R5/97
FZ11 Securities: Circular R5/97
FZ12 Circular R5/95 Real Estate
FZ13 Money Market: Circular R5/97
FZ14 Access PRF-0 for Eq.-Linked Life.Ins
FZ5A AWV statement Z5 and Z5a
FZB4 List of trustees
FZB5 Statements
FZB6 Control Parameters for BAV Statement
FZB7 Statements
FZB8 BAV-Lists Securities Control
FZB9 Control prem.reserve fund lists DA
FZBI BAV Reporting – Real Estate
GC10 FI-LC: Print Companies
GC19 FI-LC: Print Subgroups
GC26 FI-LC: Journal Entry Report
GC4P FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated Group
GCTR Transport from Report Writer objects
GD13 Totals Record Display
GD23 FI-SL: Local Actual Document Display
GD33 FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. Display
GD43 FI-SL: Local Plan Document Display
GR11 Create Standard Layout
GR12 Change Standard Layout
GR13 Display Standard Layout
GR14 Delete Standard Layout
GR21 Create Library
GR22 Change Library
GR23 Display library
GR24 Delete library
GR31 Create report
GR32 Change Report
GR33 Display report
GR34 Delete report
GR37 Export reports
GR38 Import reports
GR39 Copy reports from client
GR3L Catalog: Reports
GR51 Create report group
GR52 Change Report Group
GR53 Display report group
GR54 Delete report group
GR55 Execute Report Group
GR57 Export report groups
GR58 Import report groups
GR59 Copy report groups from client
GR5G Generate report groups
GR5L Directory: Report groups
GRE0 Report Writer: Extract Management
GRR1 RW: Create Row/Column Structure
GRR2 RW: Change formula
GRR3 RW: Display formula
GRR4 Create model
GRR5 Change model
GRR6 Display model
GRR7 Export models
GRR8 Import models
GRR9 Copy models from client
GS01 Create set
GS02 Change Set
GS03 Display Set
GS04 Delete set
GS11 Create Variable
GS12 Change Variable
GS13 Display Variable
GS14 Delete Variable
GS32 Create/Change Key Figures
GS33 Display Key Figures
HRBEN0071 Eligible Employees
HRBEN0072 Participation
HRBEN0073 Health Plan Costs
HRBEN0074 Insurance Plan Costs
HRBEN0075 Savings Plan Contributions
HRBEN0076 Vesting Percentage
HRBEN0077 Changes in Benefits Elections
HRBEN0078 FSA Contributions
HRBEN0079 Change of Elibility Status
HRBEN0081 Employee Demographics
HRBEN0083 Change in general benefits
HRBEN0085 Costs/Contributions for Misc. Plans
HRBEN0086 Stock Purchase Plan Contributions
HRBEN0087 Benefit Election Analysis
HRBEN0088 Contribution Limit Check
HRBEN0089 Enrollment Statistics
HRCMP0080 Display Total Compensation Statement
HRCMP0081 Print Total Compensation Statement
HRPBSBE_BAPAY Evolution of IT0008 with seniority
HRPBSBE_PAYSC Generate Pay Scales
HRPBSBE_SEN12 PS-BE seniority calculation
HRPDV00REPORT0001 Maintained Qualifications
IA03 Display Equipment Task List
IA07 Display General Task List
IA09 Display Task Lists
IA10 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA13 Display FunctLoc Task List
IA15 Task List Original Change Docs
IA16 Cost Maintenance Task Lists
IA17 Print Maintenance Task Lists
IA21 Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IB03 Display Equipment BOM
IB13 Display Functional Location BOM
IB80 Change Documents for Equipment BOM
IB81 FunctLocation BOM Change Documents
IE03 Display Equipment
IE07 Equipment List (Multi-level)
IH01 Functional Location Structure
IH02 Reference Location Structure
IH03 Equipment Structure
IH04 Equipment Structure
IH05 Material Structure
IH06 Display Functional Location
IH07 Display Reference Location
IH08 Display Equipment
IH09 Display Material
IH10 Display Equipment
IH11 Display Functional Location
IH12 FunctLocation Structure
IK03 Display Measuring Point
IK06 Display Measuring Points for Object
IK07 Display Measuring Points
IK13 Display Measurement Document
IK17 Display Measurement Documents
IK33 Display MeasReading entry list
IK51 MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52 MeasReading Transfer History
IL03 Display Functional Location
IL04 Create FunctLocation: List Entry
IL05 Change Functional Location
IL07 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
IM23 Display Investment Program Structure
IM33 Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM53 Display budget distribution
IMA11 Individual Processing
IMEB Background processing of reports
IMR4 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR5 App.Req. w/ Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR6 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/ Variants
IMR7 App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variants
IN16 Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN19 Display Object Network for Equipment
IP03 Display Maintenance Plan
IP06 Display Maintenance Item
IP12 Display Maintenance Strategies
IP12Z Display Cycle Set
IP13 Package Order
IP14 Where-Used List by Strategy
IP16 Display Maintenance Plan
IP18 Display Maintenance Item
IP19 Maintenance scheduling overview
IP24 Scheduling overview list form
IP30 MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP31 Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP62 Material Where-Used List: Task Lists
IPM3 Display Permit
IQ03 Display Material Serial Number
IQ08 Change Material Serial Number
IQ09 Display Material Serial Number
IQS1 Create Notification – Extended View
IQS12 Process Task
IQS13 Display Task
IQS2 Change Notification – Extended View
IQS21 Create Notif. – Simplified View
IQS22 Process Notif. – Simplified View
IQS23 Display Notif. – Simplified View
IQS3 Display Notification – Extended View
IQS8 Worklist: Notifications (General)
IQS9 Worklist: Tasks (General)
IR03 Display Work Center
IW12 Document flow list
IW13 Material Where-used List
IW23 Display PM Notification
IW29 Display Notifications
IW30 Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW33 Display PM Order
IW39 Display PM orders
IW40 Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW43 Display PM Order Confirmation
IW46 Postprocessing of PDC Error Records
IW47 Confirmation List
IW48 Confirmation using operation list
IW49 Display Operations
IW59 Display Service Notifications
IW63 Display Historical PM Order
IW65 Display activities
IW67 Display Tasks
IW68 Change Notification Items
IW69 Display Notification Items
IW73 Display Service Order
J1I7 Query Excise invoices
J1IDUELIST Billing document due list for modvat
J1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IQ Year-End IT Depreciation Report
JBRI Risk Management: Grid Analysis
JBRJ Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis
JBRTOBJ_CFM ALM Single Value Analysis for TRM
JBRX Single Value Analysis: NPV
JBWA Access Report Tree
KA03 Display Cost Element
KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report
KABL Order: Planning Overview
KABP Controlling Documents: Plan
KAK3 Display Statistical Key Figures
KAL7 Overview of Cost Flows
KALR Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line Items
KBH3 Display statistical key figure group
KCB0 Execute report
KCBA Report class overview
KCH3 Display profit center hierarchy
KCH6N EC-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy
KDH3 Display Account Group
KE24 Line Item Display – Actual Data
KE25 Line Item Display – Plan Data
KE30 Execute profitability report
KE31 Create profitability report
KE32 Change Report
KE33 Display Report
KE39 CO-PA: Reorganize report data
KE3L Split report
KE3P Maintain Variant Groups
KE3Q Maintain Variants
KE3R Schedule Variant Group
KE3S Define Variant Group
KE53 Display Profit Center
KE5X Profit Center: Master Data Index
KE5Y Profit Center: Plan Line Items
KE5Z Profit Center: Actual Line Items
KE80 EC-PCA: Execute Drill-Down Report
KE8C EC-PCA: Maintain Currency Transl.
KE8V EC-PCA: Maintain global variables
KE91 Create Line-Item-Based Report
KEO3 Display Enterprise Organization
KK03 Display Statistical Key Figures
KK04 Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Report
KKAA Sales Document Line Items Res.Anal.
KKAC Sales Order Hierarchy Display
KKB4 Itemization for Base Planning Obj.
KKBC_HOE Analyze Summarization Object
KKBC_KTR Analyze Cost Object
KKBC_KUN Analyze Sales Order
KKBC_MAT Analyze Material Cost Estimate
KKBC_ORD Analyze Order
KKBC_ORD_INT Analyze Internal Order
KKBC_PKO Analyze Product Cost Collector
KKCA Cost Objects: Variance Line Items
KKCS Cost Objects: Line Items – Actual
KKEC Compare Base Object – Unit Cost Est
KKED BOM for Base Planning Objects
KKFB RS Header: Line Items Variance
KKP4 Display Cost Object Hierarchy
KKR0 CO Summarization: Hierarchy Maintena
KKRA Order Summarization
KKRC Summarization: CO Object
KKRP Project Summarization
KL13 Activity Types: Master Data Report
KL20 Templ. Alloc. Struct. CCTR/Acty Type
KO03 Display Internal Order
KO23 Display Order Budget
KO25 Display Order Supplement
KO27 Display Order Return
KO2B Display budget document
KO88 Actual Settlement: Order
KOB1 Orders: Actual Line Items
KOB2 Orders: Commitment Line Items
KOB3 Orders: Variance Line Items
KOB4 Orders: Budget Line Items
KOB5 Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement
KOB6 Orders: Settlement Line Items
KOB8 Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Items
KOBP Orders: Plan Line Items
KOC4 Cost Analysis
KOH3 Display Order Group
KOK3 Collective Disp. Internal Orders
KOK5 Master Data List Internal Orders
KOSRLIST_OR Internal Orders: Coll. Displ. SettRu
KP27 Display Plan Data for Activity Types
KRMI Run Sched. Header: Line Items Actual
KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
KSB2 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items
KSB5 Controlling Documents: Actual
KSBL Cost centers: Planning overview
KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items
KSBT Cost centers: Activity prices
KSPP Transfer Planning From Logistics
KVBI Sales Documents: Line Items Actual
KVBO Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items
LAS3 Display Sequence Schedule
LB10 TRs for Storage Type
LB11 TRs for Material
LB12 TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.
LB13 TRs for Requirement
LI05 Inventory History for Storage Bin
LI15 Evaluation of quant inventory
LI21 Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM
LL01 Warehouse Activity Monitor
LPIN Info: Material Stock WM-PP
LQ01 Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LQ02 Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LRF2 RF Monitor, Passive
LS04 Display Empty Storage Bins
LS06 Block Storage Bins
LS07 Block Quants
LS08 Block Storage Bins by Aisle
LS09 Display Material Data for Stor.Type
LS11 Change several stor.bins simultan.
LS24 Display Quants for Material
LS25 Display Quants per Storage Bin
LS26 Warehouse stocks per material
LS27 Display quants for storage unit
LS41 List of control cycles for WIP loc.
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench
LT0G Return delivery to stock
LT10 Create Transfer Order from List
LT21 Display Transfer Order
LT22 Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type
LT23 Display Transfer Orders by Numbers
LT24 Display Transfer Order / Material
LT25 Display Transfer Order / Group
LT25A Display Transfer Order / Group
LT26 Transfer orders for storage bin
LT27 Transfer order for storage unit
LT28 Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT45 Evaluation of reference numbers
LT73 Display 2-step
LU04 Selection of Posting Change Notices
LX01 List of Empty Storage Bins
LX02 Stock list
LX03 Bin Status Report
LX04 Capacity load utilization
LX05 Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim.
LX06 Fire Department Inventory List
LX07 Check storage
LX08 Accident Regulations List
LX09 Overview of All Transf.Requirements
LX10 Activities per Storage Type
LX11 Document overview
LX12 Document Overview: Landscape Format
LX13 Analysis of differences
LX14 Matl mvmt frequency
LX17 List of Inventory Differences
LX18 Statistics of Inventory Differences
LX21 Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.
LX22 Process Inventory from Overview
LX23 Stock comparison IM – WM
LX24 Display of hazardous mat.numbers
LX25 Inventory Status
LX27 Stock levels by shelf life
LX28 Relevant TO item for ext.system
LX29 Fixed bin supervision
LX30 Overview of WM messages ext.system
LX32 Archived transfer orders
LX33 Archived transfer requirements
LX34 Archived posting change notices
LX35 Archived system inventory records
LX36 Archived Inventory Histories
LX39 Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck
LX40 Material Situation Prod. Storage Bin
LX41 Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
LX42 Evaluation PP Order from WM View
LX43 Consistency Check for Control Cycles
LX47 Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update
MB03 Display Material Document
MB23 Display Reservation
MB24 Reservation List
MB25 Reservation List
MB51 Material Doc. List
MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB53 Display Plant Stock Availability
MB54 Consignment Stocks
MB56 Analyze batch where-used list
MB57 Compile Batch Where-Used List
MB58 Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer
MB59 Material Doc. List
MB5B Stocks for Posting Date
MB5C Pick-Up List
MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances
MB5M BBD/Prod. Date
MB5S Display List of GR/IR Balances
MB5T Stock in transit CC
MB5W List of Stock Values
MB90 Output Processing for Mat. Documents
MB9A Analyze archived mat. documents
MBAL Material Documents: Read Archive
MBBS Display valuated special stock
MBGR Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason
MBLB Stocks at Subcontractor
MBN3 Free goods – Display (Purchasing)
MBSI Find Inventory Sampling
MBSM Display Cancelled Material Docs.
MC$0 PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selection
MC$2 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection
MC$4 PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection
MC$6 PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selection
MC$8 PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selection
MC$: PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection
MC$< PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection
MC$> PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection
MC$A PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selection
MC$C PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selection
MC$E PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection
MC$G PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selection
MC$I PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selection
MC$K PURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selection
MC$M PURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection
MC$O PURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection
MC(A SIS: Customer,Inc.Orders – Selection
MC(B SIS: Variant Configuration
MC(E SIS: Material,Inc.Orders – Selection
MC(I SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection
MC(M SIS: Sales Office, Inc.Orders Selec.
MC(Q SIS: Employee, Inc.Orders Selection
MC(U SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.
MC+2 SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales, Selec.
MC+6 SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection
MC+A SIS: Customer Returns, Selection
MC+E SIS: Customer, Sales – Selection
MC+I SIS: Customer Credit Memos – Selec.
MC+M SIS: Material Returns, Selection
MC+Q SIS: Material, Sales – Selection
MC+U SIS: Material Credit Memos, Selec.
MC+Y SIS: Sales Org. Returns, Selection
MC-0 SIS: Shipping Point Returns, Selec.
MC-A SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection
MC-E SIS: Sales Office – Sales Selection
MC-I SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec
MC-M SIS: Employee – Returns, Selection
MC-Q SIS: Employee – Sales, Selection
MC-U SIS: Employee – Credit Memos, Selec.
MC.1 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
MC.2 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.3 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover
MC.4 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage
MC.5 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock
MC.6 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss
MC.7 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection,Turnover
MC.8 INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection, Coverage
MC.9 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock
MC.A INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.B INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Turnover
MC.C INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Coverage
MC.D INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock
MC.E INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.F INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover
MC.G INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage
MC.H INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stock
MC.I INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.J INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnover
MC.K INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.L INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock
MC.M INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.N INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnover
MC.O INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.P INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock
MC.Q INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.R INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover
MC.S INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.T INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stock
MC.U INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issues
MC.V INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover
MC.W INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage
MC/1 Create Exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/2 Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/3 Display exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/4 Create groups exception: INVCO
MC/5 Change groups exception: INVCO
MC/6 Display exception: INVCO
MC/7 Create job for exception: INVCO
MC/8 Change jobs exceptions: INVCO
MC/9 Display jobs exceptions: INVCO
MC/B Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO
MC/E Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/F Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/G Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/H Create groups exception: PURCHIS
MC/I Change groups exception: PURCHIS
MC/J Display exception: PURCHIS
MC/K Create job for exception: PURCHIS
MC/L Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/M Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/N Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/Q Create exception: EWS/SIS
MC/R Maintain exception: EWS/SIS
MC/S Display exception: EWS/SIS
MC/T Create groups exception: SIS
MC/U Change groups exception: SIS
MC/V Display exception: SIS
MC/W Create job for exception: SIS
MC/X Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC/Y Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC/Z Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC01 Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets
MC02 Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text Strings
MC03 Key Fig Retrieval via Classification
MC04 Create Info Set
MC05 Change Info Set
MC06 Display Info Set
MC07 Create Key Figure
MC08 Change Key Figure
MC09 Create Field Catalog
MC10 Perform Analysis
MC35 Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC36 Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC37 Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC40 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values
MC41 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC42 INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val.
MC43 INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts
MC44 INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnover
MC45 INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values
MC46 INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Items
MC47 INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC48 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values
MC49 INVCO: Mean Stock Values
MC50 INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock
MC59 Revise Planning Hierarchy
MC61 Create Planning Hierarchy
MC62 Change Planning Hierarchy
MC63 Display Planning Hierarchy
MC64 Create Event
MC65 Change Event
MC66 Display Event
MC67 screen: genl.plg.hier.
MC71 Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy
MC72 Evaluation: Product Group Usage
MC73 Evaluation: Material Usage, Prod.Grp
MC79 User Settings for SOP
MC7A Plant Distribution
MC7P COPA Profile
MC7Q Characteristic Assignment
MC7R Key Figure(s) Assignment
MC83 Sales and Operations Planning
MC84 Create Product Group
MC85 Display Product Group
MC86 Change Product Groups
MC89 Sales and Operations Planning
MC8A Create Planning Type
MC8B Change Planning Type
MC8C Display Planning Type
MC8D Mass Processing: Create Planning
MC8E Mass Processing: Change Planning
MC8F Delete Entry in Planning File
MC8G Schedule Mass Processing
MC8H Maintain User Methods
MC8I Mass Processing: Check Planning
MC8J Reprocess Mass Processing
MC8K Copy/Delete Planning Versions
MC8M Read Opening Stocks
MC8N Delete forecast versions
MC8Q Aggregate Copy
MC8S Transfer Profiles
MC8T Activities
MC8U Calculate Proportional Factors
MC8V LIS Planning: Copy Versions
MC8W LIS Planning: Delete Versions
MC8Z SOP => Key Figure Assignments
MC90 Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS
MC91 Initial Graphic: Product Groups
MC92 Initial: Product Groups, Hierarchies
MC93 Create Flexible LIS Planning
MC94 Change Flexible LIS Planning
MC95 Display Flexible LIS Planning
MC96 Maintain Table 440P
MC9A Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data
MC9B Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarchy
MC9C Reports for Flexible Planning
MC9D Maintain Copy Profiles
MC9E Info Structure: Add to General Char.
MC9F Info Structure: Delete All Charact.
MC9K Maintain Available Capacity
MC:1 Create exception: EWS/RIS
MC:2 Maintain exception: EWS/RIS
MC:3 Display exception: EWS/RIS
MC:4 Create exception group: RIS
MC:5 Change groups exception: RIS
MC:6 Display exception: RIS
MC:7 Create job for exception: RIS
MC:8 Change jobs exceptions: RIS
MC:9 Display jobs exceptions: RIS
MC:B Schedule jobs exceptions: RIS
MC=1 Create exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=2 Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=3 Display exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=4 Create groups exception: SFIS
MC=5 Change groups exception: SFIS
MC=6 Display exception: SFIS
MC=7 Create job for exception: SFIS
MC=8 Change jobs exceptions: SFIS
MC=9 Display jobs exceptions: SFIS
MC=B Schedule jobs exceptions: SFIS
MC=E Create exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=F Maintain exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=G Display exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=H Create groups exception: PMIS
MC=I Change groups exception: PMIS
MC=J Display exception: PMIS
MC=K Create job for exception: PMIS
MC=L Change jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=M Display jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=N Schedule jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=Q Display exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=R Maintain exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=S Display exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=T Display groups exception: QMIS
MC=U Change groups exception: QMIS
MC=V Display exception: QMIS
MC=W Create job for exception: QMIS
MC=X Change Jobs: Exceptions QMIS
MC=Y Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC=Z Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMIS
MCA7 INVCO: Execute Evaluation
MCB% INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal.
MCB& INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt
MCB) INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection
MCB2 INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure
MCB3 INVCO: Change Evaluation Structure
MCB4 INVCO: Display Evaluation Structure
MCB5 INVCO: Create Evaluation
MCB6 INVCO: Change Evaluation
MCB7 INVCO: Display Evaluation
MCBR INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection
MCBV INVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection
MCBZ INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection
MCD7 PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure
MCD8 PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure
MCD9 PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure
MCDA PURCHIS: Create Evaluation
MCDB PURCHIS: Change Evaluation
MCDC PURCHIS: Display Evaluation
MCDG PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation
MCE+ PURCHIS: Reporting – Subseq. Settlmt
MCE1 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection
MCE3 PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection
MCE5 PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection
MCE7 PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCE8 PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection
MCEA PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis
MCEB PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis
MCEC PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis
MCER PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection
MCES PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selection
MCG3 Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail
MCGC RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk – Selection
MCGD RIS: POS: Sales – Selection
MCGE RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS – Selection
MCGF RIS: POS: Cashier – Selection
MCGG RIS: Cust./Material Grp – Selection
MCGH RIS: Customer/Material – Selection
MCGJ RIS: POS: POS Balancing – Selection
MCGK RIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selection
MCH+ RIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCH1 RIS: Execute Evaluation
MCH2 RIS: Create Evaluation
MCH3 RIS: Change Evaluation
MCH4 RIS: Display Evaluation
MCH8 RIS: Perishables – Selection
MCH9 RIS: Inventory Controlling – Stores
MCH: RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock – Selection
MCHA RIS: Till Receipt/Matl – Selection
MCHB RIS: Till Receipt – Selection
MCHC Companion sales
MCHG RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selection
MCHP RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck – Selection
MCHS RIS: Promotion – Selection
MCHV RIS: Material/Add-On – Selection
MCHY RIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCHZ RIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCI1 PMIS: Object Class Analysis
MCI2 PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis
MCI3 PMIS: Location Analysis
MCI4 PMIS: Planner Group Analysis
MCI5 PMIS: Object Damage Analysis
MCI6 PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis
MCI7 PMIS: Breakdown Analysis
MCI8 PMIS: Cost Evaluation
MCIA PMIS: Customer Notification Analysis
MCIS Call Up PM Standard Analyses
MCIZ PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis
MCJ1 PMIS: Create Evaluation
MCJ2 PMIS: Change Evaluation
MCJ3 PMIS: Display Evaluation
MCJ4 PMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCJ5 PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCJ6 PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCJ7 PMIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCJB MTTR/MTBR for Equipment
MCJC FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair
MCK1 Create Hierarchy
MCK2 Change hierarchy
MCK3 Display hierarchy
MCKH Selection version tree: Sales
MCKI Selection version tree: Purchasing
MCKK Selection version tree: Production
MCKM Selection version tree: Plant Maint.
MCKN Selection version tree: Retail
MCKP User-spec. selec. vers. tree: Sales
MCKQ User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Purchase
MCKS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Product.
MCKU User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PM
MCKV User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Retail
MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
MCL5 WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection
MCL9 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection
MCLD WM: Material Flow – Selection
MCLH WM: Movement Types – Selection
MCM% RIS: Create Selection Version
MCM1 SIS: Create selection version
MCM2 SIS: Change selection version
MCM3 SIS: Display selection version
MCM4 SIS: Selec. version: Schedule job
MCM5 PURCHIS: Create selection version
MCM6 PURCHIS: Change selection version
MCM7 PURCHIS: Display selection version
MCM8 PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCMC PPIS: Create selection version
MCMD PPIS: Change selection version
MCME PPIS: Display selection version
MCMF PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCMK PMIS: Create selection version
MCML PMIS: Change selection version
MCMM PMIS: Display selection verison
MCMN PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCMX RIS: Change Selection Version
MCMY RIS: Display Selection Version
MCMZ RIS: Selection Version: Schedule Job
MCO1 RIS: OTB – Selection
MCO4 Create OTB Planning
MCO5 Change OTB Planning
MCO6 Display OTB Planning
MCOA QMIS: Cust. analysis, Lot overview
MCOB QMIS: General Results for Customer
MCOC QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overview
MCOD QMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust.
MCOE QMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score
MCOG QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter
MCOI QMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities
MCOK QMIS: Customer Analysis Expense
MCOM QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp.
MCOP QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not.
MCOV QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not.
MCOX QMIS: Customer Analysis Defects
MCP1 SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection
MCP3 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP5 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP6 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg
MCP7 SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection
MCP9 SFIS: Select Run Schedule
MCPB Operation analysis: Dates
MCPD Production order analysis: Dates
MCPF Material analysis: Dates
MCPH Work center analysis: Dates
MCPK Operation analysis: Quantities
MCPM Production order anal.: Quantities
MCPO Material analysis: Quantities
MCPQ Work center analysis: Quantities
MCPS Operation analysis: Lead time
MCPU Production Order Analysis: Lead Time
MCPW Material analysis: Lead time
MCPY Work center analysis: Lead time
MCQ. SFIS: Kanban analysis selection
MCQA Call Up QM Standard Analyses
MCR1 SFIS: Create Evaluation
MCR2 SFIS: Change Evaluation
MCR3 SFIS: Display Evaluation
MCR4 SFIS: Execute Evaluation
MCR7 SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCR8 SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCR9 SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCRE Material Usage Analysis: Selection
MCRI Product Cost Analysis: Selection
MCRJ Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg
MCRK Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg
MCRM Reporting Point Stats.: Selection
MCRP Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg
MCRQ Call Standard Analyses: PP-IS
MCRU PP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection
MCRV PP-PI: Process Order Analysis
MCRW PP-PI: Resources Selection
MCRX PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis
MCRY PP-PI: Product Cost Analysis
MCS7 SIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCS8 SIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCS9 SIS: Display Evalaution Structure
MCSA SIS: Create Evaluation
MCSB SIS: Change Evaluation
MCSC SIS: Display Evaluation
MCSG SIS: Execute Evaluation
MCSI Call Standard Analyses of Sales
MCSJ Call Standard Analyses of Purchasing
MCSK Call Standard Analyses of Stocks
MCSW Archiving of Selection Versions
MCSX Archive Statistical Data
MCTA SIS: Customer Analysis – Selection
MCTC SIS: Material Analysis – Selection
MCTE SIS: Sales Org. Analysis – Selection
MCTG SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection
MCTI SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection
MCTK SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection
MCTV01 SIS: Sales Activity – Selection
MCTV02 SIS: Sales Promotions – Selection
MCTV03 SIS: Address List – Selection
MCTV04 SIS: Address Counter – Selection
MCTV05 SIS: Customer Potential Analysis
MCU3 Call Standard Analyses: Transportatn
MCUA TIS: Shpt analysis
MCUB TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes
MCUC TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransport
MCUD TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping
MCUE TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages
MCUF TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material
MCV5 Call Up Price List w.Stepped Display
MCV6 Call Up Indiv. Customer Prices List
MCV7 Call Up List of Price Groups
MCV8 Call Up Material/MatPrcGroup List
MCV9 Call Up List of Incomplete Documents
MCVA QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview
MCVB QMIS: General Results for Vendor
MCVC QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Qty Overview
MCVD QMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor
MCVE QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score
MCVG QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Lot Numbers
MCVI QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Quantities
MCVK QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Effort
MCVM QMIS: Vendor Analyis – Level & Disp.
MCVP QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif.
MCVX QMIS: Vendor analysis defects
MCVZ QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overview
MCW1 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header
MCW2 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item
MCW3 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header
MCW4 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item
MCX1 QMIS: Create Evaluation
MCX2 QMIS: Change Evaluation
MCX3 QMIS: Display Evaluation
MCX4 QMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCX7 QIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCX8 QIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCX9 QIS: display evaluation structure
MCXA QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overview
MCXB QMIS: General Results for Material
MCXC QMIS: Matl Analysis – Qty Overview
MCXD QMIS: Quant. Results for Material
MCXE QMIS: Matl Analysis – Quality Score
MCXG QMIS: Matl Analysis – Lot Numbers
MCXI QMIS: Material Analysis – Quantities
MCXK QMIS: Material Analysis – Effort
MCXM QMIS: Matl Analysis – Level & Disp.
MCXP QMIS: Matl. Analysis – Q Notif. Item
MCXV QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not.
MCXX QMIS: Material analysis defects
MCYG Exception Analysis INVCO
MCYH Exception Analysis: PURCHIS
MCYI Exception Analysis: SIS
MCYJ Exception Analysis: PP-IS
MCYK Exception Analysis: PM-IS
MCYL Exception Analysis: QM-IS
MCYM Exception Analysis: Retail IS
MCYO Exception analysis: TIS
MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation
MD05 Individual Display Of MRP List
MD06 Collective Display Of MRP List
MD07 Current Material Overview
MD09 Pegging
MD13 Display Planned Order
MD16 Collective Display of Planned Orders
MD21 Display Planning File Entry
MD27 Display Planning Calendar
MD44 MPS Evaluation
MD45 MRP List Evaluation
MD46 Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller
MD47 Product Group Planning Evaluation
MD48 Cross-Plant Evaluation
MD4C Multilevel Order Report
MD63 Display Planned Indep. Requirements
MD65 Change Standard Indep.Requirements
MD73 Display Total Indep. Requirements
MD74 Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts
MD75 Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts
MD76 Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts History
MD83 Display Customer Indep. Requirements
MD85 List Customer Indep. Requirements
MDLD Print MRP List
MDRE Checking Plnng File In BCKGRND Mode
MDSA Display Serial Numbers
ME03 Display Source List
ME06 Analyze Source List
ME0M Source List for Material
ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record
ME1A Archived Purchasing Info Records
ME1E Quotation Price History
ME1L Info Records per Vendor
ME1M Info Records per Material
ME1P Purchase Order Price History
ME1W Info Records per Material Group
ME1X Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet for Vendor
ME1Y Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Material
ME23 Display Purchase Order
ME23N Display Purchase Order
ME2A Monitor Confirmations
ME2B POs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME2C Purchase Orders by Material Group
ME2J Purchase Orders for Project
ME2K Purch. Orders by Account Assignment
ME2L Purchase Orders by Vendor
ME2M Purchase Orders by Material
ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number
ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)
ME2S Services per Purchase Order
ME2V Goods Receipt Forecast
ME2W Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant
ME33 Display Outline Agreement
ME33K Display Contract
ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement
ME3B Outl. Agreements per Requirement No.
ME3C Outline Agreements by Material Group
ME3J Outline Agreements per Project
ME3K Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignment
ME3L Outline Agreements per Vendor
ME3M Outline Agreements by Material
ME3N Outline Agreements by Agreement No.
ME3S Service List for Contract
ME43 Display Request For Quotation
ME49 Price Comparison List
ME4B RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME4C RFQs by Material Group
ME4L RFQs by Vendor
ME4M RFQs by Material
ME4N RFQs by RFQ Number
ME4S RFQs by Collective Number
ME53 Display Purchase Requisition
ME53N Display Purchase Requisition
ME5A Purchase Requisitions: List Display
ME5F Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition
ME5J Purchase Requisitions for Project
ME5K Requisitions by Account Assignment
ME5R Archived Purchase Requisitions
ME5W Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions
ME62 Display Vendor Evaluation
ME64 Evaluation Comparison
ME65 Evaluation Lists
ME6A Changes to Vendor Evaluation
ME6B Display Vendor Evaln. for Material
ME6C Vendors Without Evaluation
ME6D Vendors Not Evaluated Since…
ME6E Evaluation Records Without Weighting
ME6F Print
ME6H Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation
ME80 Purchasing Reporting
ME80A Purchasing Reporting: RFQs
ME80AN General Analyses (A)
ME80F Purchasing Reporting: POs
ME80FN General Analyses (F)
ME80R Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts.
ME80RN General Analyses (L,K)
ME81 Analysis of Order Values
ME81N Analysis of Order Values
ME82 Archived Purchasing Documents
ME91 Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding
ME91A Urge Submission of Quotations
ME91E Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind.
ME91F Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders
ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92F Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92K Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92L Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME9A Message Output: RFQs
ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders
ME9K Message Output: Contracts
ME9L Message Output: Sched. Agreements
MEB3 Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
MEB5 List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements
MEB6 Busn. Vol. Data, Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEB8 Det. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEB9 Stat. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEBB Check Open Docs., Vendor Reb. Arrs.
MEBM List of settlement runs for arrngmts
MEBS Stmnt. Sett. Docs., Vend. Reb. Arrs.
MEIS Data Selection: Arrivals
MEK3 Display Conditions (Purchasing)
MEKA Conditions: General Overview
MEKB Conditions by Contract
MEKC Conditions by Info Record
MEKD Conditions for Material Group
MEKE Conditions for Vendor
MEKF Conditions for Material Type
MEKG Conditions for Condition Group
MEKH Market Price
MEKI Conditions for Incoterms
MEKJ Conditions for Invoicing Party
MEKK Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range
MELB Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
MEQ3 Display Quota Arrangement
MEQ6 Analyze Quota Arrangement
MEQ8 Monitor Quota Arrangements
MEQM Quota Arrangement for Material
MER5 List of Customer Rebate Arrangements
MER6 Busn. Vols., Cust. Reb. Arrangements
MER8 Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.
MER9 Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats.
MERB Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr.
MERS Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.
MF26 Display Reporting Point Quantity
MF27 Update Stats for Planned Quantities
MF51 Print Production Quantities
MF52 Planning Table – Display
MF57 Planning Table – By MRP Lists
MF60 Pull List
MGW1 Display Components for Set Material
MGW3 Display Components for Display Matl
MGW5 Display Components for Prepack Matl
MGW7 Display Components for Full Product
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
MI06 Display Inventory Count
MI12 Display changes
MI20 Print List of Differences
MI21 Print physical inventory document
MI22 Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material
MI23 Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
MI24 Physical Inventory List
MI9A Analyze archived phy. inv. docs
MIAL Inventory Documents: Read Archive
MIBC ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting
MIDO Physical Inventory Overview
MIGO Goods Movement
MIR4 Call MIRO – Change Status
MK03 Display vendor (Purchasing)
MK04 Change Vendor (Purchasing)
MK19 Display vendor (purchasing), future
MKH2 Display vendor hierarchy
MKVG Settlement and Condition Groups
MKVZ List of Vendors: Purchasing
ML03 Display Standard Service Catalog
ML05 Purchasing Object for Service
ML12 Display Model Service Specifications
ML15 List of Model Service Specifications
ML35 Display Vendor Conditions
ML41 Display Vendor Conditions
ML47 Display Service Conditions
ML53 Create Conditions
ML81N Service Entry Sheet
ML84 List of Service Entry Sheets
ML85 Collective Release of Entry Sheets
ML92 Entry Sheets for Service
ML93 Purchasing Object for Service
ML95 List Display: Contracts for Service
ML96 Purchase Requisitions for Service
MLCCSPD Cost Components for Price
MLS6 Report for Standard Service Catalog
MM03 Display Material &
MM04 Display Material Change Documents
MM14 Display Planned Changes
MM19 Display Material & at Key Date
MM43 Display Material &
MM44 Display Change Documents
MM60 Materials List
MM72 Display Archive of Materials
MMBE Stock Overview
MMD3 Display MRP Profile
MMD7 Display MRP Profile Usage
MN03 Display Message: RFQ
MN06 Display Message: PO
MN09 Display Message: Outline Agreement
MN12 Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN15 Display Message: Service Entry Sheet
MN26 Display Message: Shipping Notif.
MP02 Display AMPL Records
MP32 Display Material Forecast
MP39 Print
MP83 Display Forecast Profile
MPDR Print in BATCH Mode
MR35 Display FIFO Data
MR39 Display Documents (LIFO)
MR51 Material Line Items
MRA3 Display Archived Invoice Documents
MRF1 Execute FIFO Valuation
MRF2 Diplay Documents (FIFO)
MRF5 FIFO: Delete Valuation Data
MRKO Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
MRL1 Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL2 Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL3 LIFO Lowest Value Comparison
MRL4 Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL5 Display LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL6 Select Materials
MRL7 Display Pool Formation
MRL8 Create Base Layer
MRL9 LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
MRLA Check Pool Formation
MRLC Transfer Third-Party Data
MRLL LIFO: Reassign Material Layer
MRN0 Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices
MRN1 Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage
MRN2 Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate
MRN8 Lowest Value: Price Variances
MRN9 Balance Sheet Values by Account
MRNB Revaluation
MS04 Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List
MS05 Long-term planning: display MRP list
MS06 Long-term plnng: collective MRP list
MS07 Long-Term Plng: Material Overview
MS13 LTP: Display planned order
MS33 Display planning scenario
MS44 Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng
MS47 Evaluation LTP for Product Group
MS65 Requirements Situation
MS70 Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIS
MS71 Copy info structure version to LTP
MSC3N Display Batch
MSC4N Display Change Documents for Batch
MSK3 Display Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK4 Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs
MSLD Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning
MSRV1 List for Service
MSRV2 Service List for Requisition
MSRV3 Service List for Purchase Order
MSRV4 Service List for RFQ
MSRV5 Service List for Contract
MSRV6 Service List for Entry Sheet
O021 Class Data Transfer
O023 Display Class Maintenance Data File
OADR SAP ArchiveLink: Print list search
OAOR Business Document Service: Documents
OARP Call up of AM report overview
OAV7 C AM Change Simulation Versions
OAVI C AM View Maint. Sort Versions
OAW3 Translation method
OAWD SAP ArchiveLink: Store documents
OB52 C FI Maintain Table T001B
OBAJ C FI Maintain Table T060
OBAK C FI Maintain Table T060
OBAN C FI Maintain Table T060O
OBAO C FI Maintain Table T060O
OBYC C FI Table T030
OC53 Group Reports
OC61 K3 form
OC62 List of Ownership
OC63 Changes in equity
OC64 Changes in investment
OC65 Print Translation Method
OC66 Changes in hidden reserves
OC67 Investment in companies
OC68 Interactive consolidation reporting
OC70 Print financial statement items
OC71 Listing of Totals File Records
OC72 Database list: Journal entries
OC75 Print cons. of investments method
OC87 Data selection for reporting
OCAK FI-LC: Print Transaction Types
OCAL FI-LC: Print IC Eliminations
OCAM FI-LC: Print Inventory Mgmt Company
OCAN FI-LC: Print Supplying Company
OCAO FI-LC: Print Changes in Net Income
OCAP FI-LC: Print Hidden Reserves
OCAR FI-LC: Print Chgs in Trfr Depreciatn
OCAS FI-LC: Print Asset Transfer
OCAT FI-LC: Print Versions
OCAU FI-LC: Print Selected FS Items
OCB0 Step consolidation
OCB1 Bundle Standard Reports
OCB5 Extract Subgroup
OCB6 Totals file records
OCBV Reconcile Extended G/L Accounts
OCBZ Compare Extract / Cons.Data Base
OCCM Reconcile G/L Accounts/Consolidation
OCDM Hierarchy of Totals Reports
OCL5 Extract to EIS
OFO1 OI List Per Real Estate Objects
OIDV Download SAP Tables into MS Access
OKTP Call Summar. Hierarchy for Projects
OPA0 Status selection profiles
OPA1 Maintain combination definitions
OPA2 Define selection profile
OPA3 Define option profile
OPA4 Define list profile
OPA5 Define graphics profile
OPA6 Define overall profile
OPA7 Define columns
OPA9 Maintain selection profiles
OPB1 Define list versions
OPC5 Max. no. of data records
OPDT Define detail list
OPI1 Maintain Value Categories
OPI2 Value Categories for Cost Elements
OPI4 Commitment Item Value Categories
OPI5 Value Categories for Stag.Key Figs
OPSL Project Info System Overview Maint.
OPSM Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys
OPTU Maint. PS Info System field settings
OPTV Maint. PS Info System sort criteria
OPTW Maint.PS Info System group. criteria
OPTX Maint. PS Info System database set.
OPU8 Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys.
OPU9 Overview Variant: Item Line
OPUR Info System: Structure overview
OV50 Comparison of master data for cust.
OV51 Display of Changes for Customer
OVKD Tax Record Conditions VK13
P06_AVGL Pay Scale Progression
P06_AVGS Managemnt of Promotion Process Steps
PA20 Display HR Master Data
PA30 Maintain HR Master Data
PC00_M06_PBS_AVEF Pay Progression: Update Assignment
PC00_M06_PBS_IAVG Grade Increase: Appointment
PC00_M06_PBS_LAVG Grade Increase: Selection
PC00_M06_PBS_LDAF PersNos List: Perm. Work Contracts
PC00_M37_DOCS HR Personhal Documents
PC00_M40_ANN Payroll annual display – India
PC00_M40_CEDT Remuneration Statement – India
PC00_M40_CLSTR Payroll Results – 40
PC00_M99_CLGA09 Wage type statement (US stand.) Int.
PEPM Profile Matchup
PEPP Profiles
PFCG Role Maintenance
PK08 Check Kanban Calculation Result
PK11 Plant Overview: Kanban
PK12 Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK13 Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK13N Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK18 Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban
PK50 Display Errors: Kanban
PK51 Error Processing PDC Kanban
PK52 Kanban Calculation Error Log
PMJR Derivatives Document Journal
PP30 SAP Room Reservation Management
PP32 SAP Room Reservations: Services
PP6A Personal Shift Plan
PP6B Attendance List
PP6C Undo Completed Target Plan
PP6I Temp. Assgmt List for Shift Planning
PPAD Display Appraisals Catalog
PPDPCS Display Development Plan Catalog
PPDPSPFP Find Objs Who Have Completed a Plan
PPDPSPFS Find Persons for Development Item
PPIS Human Resources Information System
PPPE_SEARCH_FOR_Q Find Objects for Qualifications
PPQD Display Qualifications Catalog
PRICATLOG PRICAT: Display application log
PRICATLOGOUT PRICAT: Display Application Log
PSO0 Set Plan Version for OrgManagement
PT03 Display Work Schedule
PT62 Attendance List
PT63 Personal Work Schedule
PT64 Absence List
PT65 Graphical Attendance/Abs. Overview
PT90 Absences: Calendar View
PT90_ATT Attendances: Calendar View
PT91 Absences: For Multiple Employees
PT91_ATT Attendances: For Multiple Employees
PT_BAL00 Cumulated Time Evaluation Results
PT_DOW00 Time Accounts
PT_DSH20 Daily Work Schedule
PT_EDT_TEDT Time Statement
PT_EDT_TELU Time Balances Overview
PT_QTA10 Absence Quota Information
PW61 Time Leveling
PW62 Employment Percentage
PW63 Reassignment of Pay Scale Group
PW_CEDTX0_AFTER Remuneration Statements
PW_CEDTX0_BEFORE Remuneration Statements
QA03 Display inspection lot
QA06 Job overview: Periodic inspection
QA08 Collective Processing of Insp. Setup
QA13 Display usage decision
QA18 Job overview for auto usage decision
QA32 Change data for inspection lot
QA33 Display data for inspection lot
QA42 Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
QA52 Source inspections: Job overview
QC20 Certificates for Deliveries
QC31 Archive display: Delivery item
QC32 Archive display: Inspection lot
QC55 Worklist: Certificates – Procurement
QDB3 Display allowed relationships
QDH2 Q-level evaluation: Display data
QDP3 Display sampling scheme
QDR3 Display dynamic modification rule
QDR6 Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rule
QDV3 Display sampling procedure
QDV6 Uses: Sampling procedures
QE19 Display results for equipment
QE22 Display results for funct. location
QGA1 Display quality score time line
QGA2 Display inspection results
QGA3 Print inspection results
QGC1 Qual. control charts for insp. lots
QGC2 Control charts for task list charac.
QGC3 Control charts for master insp. char
QGD1 Test Equipment Usage List
QGD2 Test Equipment Tracking
QGP1 Results history for task list charac
QGP2 Results History for Task List Charac
QI03 Display quality info. – purchasing
QI05 Mass maintenance QM procurement keys
QI06 QM Releases: Mass maintenance
QK02 Display assigned QM orders
QM11 Display List of Qual. Notifications
QM13 Display list of tasks
QM15 Display list of items
QM19 List of Q Notifications, Multi-Level
QM50 Time line display Q notifications
QP03 Display
QP05 Print inspection plan
QP06 List: Missing/unusable insp. plans
QP07 List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans
QP08 Print task lists for material
QP13 Display reference operation set
QP60 Time-related development of plans
QPV3 Display sample drawing procedure
QS24 Display master insp. charac. version
QS26 Display characteristic use
QS28 Display insp. charac. list
QS34 Display inspection method version
QS36 Display inspection method use
QS38 Display inspection method list
QS42 Display catalog
QS46 Display code group use
QS48 Usage indicator – code groups
QS49 Display code groups and codes
QS52 Display selected set index
QS58 Usage indicator – selected sets
QS59 Display selected sets
QS62 Display material specification
QS64 Display material spec: For key date
QV04 Find Quality Assurance Agreement
QV14 Search technical terms of delivery
QV24 Find Q-agreement (doc. type Q03)
QV34 Find Q-specification (doc. type Q04)
QV53 Display control for QM in SD
RCCMREP01 Organization/Agent Time Report
RFACTS1_BL FACTS 1: Trial Balance
RFACTS1_FILE_SEND FACTS 1: Send File to Treasury
RFACTS1_TR FACTS 1: Transaction Register
RFACTS2_BL FACTS 2: Trial Balance
RFACTS2_FILE_SEND FACTS 2: Send File to Treasury
RFACTS2_FOOTNOTE FACTS 2: Footnote Maintenance
RFACTS2_MAF FACTS 2: Maintain MAF File
RFACTS2_TR FACTS 2: Transaction Register
RFKRADEC Declining balance Depreciation (KR)
RFKRASL Straight Line Depreciation Korea
RFKRASUP Asset Accounting detail Report
RFKRAUP Si Bu In Amount update
RFKRIBG Goods Mvmt. between Bus. Places
RFKRIBP Inter bus place tax invoice printing
RFKRIBR Inter bus. place tax invoice reprint
RFKRINV Print Tax Invoices (South Korea)
RFKRMIG Migration of Tax Invoices- Korea
RFKRREP Reprint/Cancel Tax Invoices (Korea)
RFKRSUM VAT Summary Report (South Korea)
RFKRTIM VAT Time Stamp Report for Korea
RKLNT Counterparty Risk of Netting Group
RKLSI Overview of Collateral Provision
RMV0 Single Value Analysis: VAR
RPO0 Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPP0 Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RSSCD100_PFCG Change Documents for Role Admin.
RSSCD100_PFCG_USER For Role Assignment
RSUSR200 List of Users per Login Date
RWBE Stock Overview
S00 Short Message
SBWP SAP Business Workplace
SDD1 Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDO1 Orders within time period
SDQ1 Expiring Quotations
SDQ2 Expired Quotations
SDQ3 Completed Quotations
SDV1 Expiring Contracts
SDV2 Expired Contracts
SDV3 Completed Contracts
SE16 Data Browser
SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes
SECR Obsolete Audit Information System
SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
SM37 Overview of job selection
SMOD SAP Enhancement Management
SNRO Number Range Objects
SNUM Number Range Driver
SO00 SAPoffice: Short Message
SO99 Put Information System
SP01 Output Controller
SP02 Display Spool Requests
SPHA Telephony administration
SPHD SAPphone: Own telephone number
SQ01 SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02 SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03 SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQVI QuickViewer
SSC0 SAP Appointment Calendar (Employee)
SSC1 SAP (own) Appointment Calendar
ST22 ABAP dump analysis
STAD Statistics display for all systems
SU01D User Display
SU24 Auth. Obj. Check Under Transactions
SU53 Evaluate Authorization Check
SUIM User Information System
SWUI Start Workflow
S_AHR_61010391 IMG Activity: OHIX0703
S_AHR_61010395 IMG Activity: OHIX1671
S_AHR_61010402 IMG Activity: OHIX1672
S_AHR_61010454 IMG Activity: OHIX0701
S_AHR_61015471 Infotype Overview for Employee
S_AHR_61015472 address_list_of _employee
S_AHR_61015473 Employee w. Social & Employment Ins.
S_AHR_61015477 Change of Basic Pay List (Japan)
S_AHR_61015478 Residence Tax Entry Proof List (JP)
S_AHR_61015479 RPLTFIL0
S_AHR_61015508 Variable Applicant List
S_AHR_61015509 Applicants by Name
S_AHR_61015510 Applicants by action
S_AHR_61015511 Applicants’ Education and Training
S_AHR_61015512 Applications
S_AHR_61015513 Applicant Statistics
S_AHR_61015514 Planned Activities for Personnel Off
S_AHR_61015515 Vacancy Assignments
S_AHR_61015516 Vacancies
S_AHR_61015517 Job Advertisements
S_AHR_61015518 Evaluate Recruitment Instruments
S_AHR_61015524 Evaluate Careers
S_AHR_61015532 Profile Matchup: Positions/Holders
S_AHR_61015533 Profiles
S_AHR_61015536 Expired Qualifications
S_AHR_61015554 Salary Structure List
S_AHR_61015556 Display Pay Scale Groups
S_AHR_61015558 Planned Labor Costs
S_AHR_61015559 Display an Existing Scenario Group
S_AHR_61015560 Plan Scenarios of Personnel Costs
S_AHR_61015561 Budget in FTE
S_AHR_61015562 Available Budget Per BS Element
S_AHR_61015563 Job chart
S_AHR_61015564 Financing from BS Element Budgets
S_AHR_61015565 Budget Year Comparison
S_AHR_61015566 Enhanced Budget in FTEs
S_AHR_61015568 Job index
S_AHR_61015569 Business distribution plan
S_AHR_61015570 Different Service Type/Service Cat.
S_AHR_61015571 Report on teaching hours
S_AHR_61015572 Financing in Organizational Unit
S_AHR_61015573 Violations of earmarking
S_AHR_61015574 Display earmarkings
S_AHR_61015749 RPCROEK0
S_AHR_61015753 **Grievance Summary
S_AHR_61015759 RPCROHK0
S_AHR_61015940 Social Insurance Premium Check List
S_AHR_61016129 Employee history report
S_AHR_61016130 HR-NA: OSHA-200 Report
S_AHR_61016131 HR-NA: OSHA-101 Report
S_AHR_61016132 RPLHIPU0
S_AHR_61016134 Listing of Customizing Tables
S_AHR_61016135 Garnishment Statistics
S_AHR_61016136 Display Notice Letters
S_AHR_61016137 Print Notice Letter
S_AHR_61016138 Display Answer Letters
S_AHR_61016139 Print Answer Letter
S_AHR_61016141 Grievance summary
S_AHR_61016148 Workers’ compensation report
S_AHR_61016150 New hire reporting
S_AHR_61016152 EEO-1 report
S_AHR_61016153 AAP: Movement analysis report
S_AHR_61016154 AAP: Turnover analysis report
S_AHR_61016155 AAP: Workforce distribution report
S_AHR_61016157 RPSBENU1
S_AHR_61016158 RPSBENU2
S_AHR_61016214 Prebookings per attendee
S_AHR_61016215 Bookings per Attendee
S_AHR_61016216 Cancellations per attendee
S_AHR_61016217 Business Event Hierarchy
S_AHR_61016218 Business Event Brochure
S_AHR_61016219 Business Event Dates
S_AHR_61016220 Business Event Demand
S_AHR_61016221 Business Event Prices
S_AHR_61016224 Resource Equipment
S_AHR_61016225 Available/Reserved Resources
S_AHR_61016279 Overview of Flights by Airlines
S_AHR_61016280 Overview of Flights by Airlines
S_AHR_61016281 Overview of Flights by Location
S_AHR_61016282 Ticket information for flights
S_AHR_61016283 Business Volume with Hotel Chains
S_AHR_61016284 Business volume with hotel chains
S_AHR_61016285 Business Volume by Hotel Location
S_AHR_61016286 Business Volume with Car Rental Cos
S_AHR_61016287 Business Volume by Rental Location
S_AHR_61016288 Overview of Planned Trips
S_AHR_61016342 List of Employees No Longer Qualif.
S_AHR_61016343 List of employees exempt from employ
S_AHR_61016354 Telephone Directory
S_AHR_61016356 Time spent in pay scale group/level
S_AHR_61016357 Defaults for Pay Scale Reclass.
S_AHR_61016358 Reference Personnel Numbers
S_AHR_61016359 Severely challenged
S_AHR_61016360 HR Master Data Sheet
S_AHR_61016362 Flexible Employee Data
S_AHR_61016369 Employee List
S_AHR_61016370 Overview of Maternity Data
S_AHR_61016373 Headcount Development
S_AHR_61016374 Nationalities
S_AHR_61016376 Salary According to Seniority
S_AHR_61016378 Assignment to Wage Level
S_AHR_61016380 Logged Changes in Infotype Data
S_AHR_61016381 Log of Report Starts
S_AHR_61016401 General Trip Data/Trip Totals
S_AHR_61016402 Trip Receipts
S_AHR_61016403 Trip Receipts Without Gen. Trip Data
S_AHR_61016404 Cost Assignment for Trip
S_AHR_61016405 Trip Framew.Data/Totals/Rcpts/Costs
S_AHR_61016406 Who is where? Search for Trip Dest.
S_AHR_61016407 Find documents using maximum rate
S_AHR_61016408 Travel Expense Reporting by Period
S_AHR_61016409 Income-Related Expenses Statement
S_AHR_61016410 Input Tax Recovery
S_AHR_61016411 Determination of Employees with Exce
S_AHR_61016491 Existing Organizational Units
S_AHR_61016492 Staff Functions for Org. Unit
S_AHR_61016493 Organizational Structure
S_AHR_61016494 Org. Structure with Positions
S_AHR_61016495 Org. Structure with Persons
S_AHR_61016496 Org. Structure with Work Centers
S_AHR_61016497 Existing Jobs
S_AHR_61016498 Job index
S_AHR_61016499 Job Description
S_AHR_61016500 Task Description for Jobs
S_AHR_61016501 Complete job description
S_AHR_61016502 Existing Positions
S_AHR_61016503 Staff assignments
S_AHR_61016504 Position Description
S_AHR_61016505 Task Description for Positions
S_AHR_61016506 Staff Functions for Positions
S_AHR_61016507 Authorities and Resources
S_AHR_61016508 Planned Labor Costs
S_AHR_61016509 Vacant/Obsolete Positions
S_AHR_61016510 Correct Vacancies
S_AHR_61016511 Complete Position Description
S_AHR_61016512 Report Structure Without Persons
S_AHR_61016513 Report Structure with Persons
S_AHR_61016514 Existing Work Centers
S_AHR_61016515 Work Centers per Organizational Unit
S_AHR_61016516 Authorities and Resources
S_AHR_61016517 Planned Labor Costs
S_AHR_61016518 Work Ctrs with Restrictions in Org.S
S_AHR_61016519 Single Work Centers w. Restrictions
S_AHR_61016520 Work Centers Requiring Health Exam.
S_AHR_61016521 Single Work Centers Req. Health Exam
S_AHR_61016522 Existing Tasks
S_AHR_61016523 Activity Profile for Positions Along
S_AHR_61016524 Activity Profile of Positions with P
S_AHR_61016525 Character of Tasks in Organizational
S_AHR_61016526 Character of Individual Tasks
S_AHR_61016527 Existing Objects
S_AHR_61016528 Structure Display/Maintenance
S_AHR_61016529 Structure Navigation Instrument
S_AHR_61016530 PD Graphics Interface
S_AHR_61016531 Display and Maintain Infotypes
S_AHR_61016532 Infotype Reporting
S_AHR_61016533 Start Payroll Report
S_AHR_61018613 Cost Assignment for Trip
S_AHR_61018783 Canada Equal-Employement Act report
S_AHR_61018792 Garnishment Statistics (Canada)
S_AHR_61018793 Canadian garnishment: History
S_AHR_61018797 Planned Compensation for Jobs
S_AHR_61018798 Compare Actual Base Salaries
S_AHR_61018799 Compa-ratio Analysis
S_AHR_61018831 Obsolete positions
S_AHR_61018869 Periods of unoccupied positions
S_AL0_96000385 Top Vendors Report
S_AL0_96000640 Significant Trans. Cross Check CTTI
S_AL0_96000642 Daily Report for VAT
S_AL0_96000699 HR-NA: OSHA-301 Report
S_AL0_96000700 HR-NA: OSHA 300 & 300A Reports
S_AL0_96000738 RFIDPTFO
S_ALN_01001144 Overview – Positions
S_ALN_01001145 IAS – Classification
S_ALN_01001147 Rating Analysis
S_ALN_01001148 Country Analysis
S_ALN_01001149 Remaining Term Statistics
S_ALN_01001150 Share of Position (Based on EUR)
S_ALN_01001151 Overview – Accounting
S_ALN_01001152 TOP 5 – Positions
S_ALN_01001153 Currency analysis
S_ALN_01001154 Simulated Valuation
S_ALN_01001155 CFM Key Date Comparison
S_ALN_01001156 Asset History Sheet / HGB
S_ALN_01001157 Position Trend
S_ALN_01001158 Book Value Trend / P+L / OCI
S_ALN_01001159 Revenues
S_ALN_01001160 Sales Proceeds
S_ALN_01001161 Due Date Grid
S_ALR_87005126 IMG Activity: SIMG_ORKA_EXTRA_GRE9
S_ALR_87009712 Profit Center: Area list plan/act.
S_ALR_87009717 PrCtr Group: Quarterly Comp, Actual
S_ALR_87009726 PrCtr Group: P/A Comp. (by Origin)
S_ALR_87009734 Profit Center Report: 2 Versions
S_ALR_87009895 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_ALR_87009901 Cross-Company Code Tax
S_ALR_87010032 Vendor Balances in Local Currency
S_ALR_87010125 Sample for Address Data for Asset
S_ALR_87010127 Real Estate and Similar Rights
S_ALR_87010129 Vehicles
S_ALR_87010137 Bar Codes
S_ALR_87010139 Leasing
S_ALR_87010141 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements
S_ALR_87010173 Revaluation
S_ALR_87010175 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center
S_ALR_87010203 Asset Acquisitions
S_ALR_87010777 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87010778 CM I: Districts/Plants/Mat. Groups
S_ALR_87010779 Comparison: Current Year/Prev. Year
S_ALR_87010780 Quarterly Comp.: Cust. Grp/Mat. Grp
S_ALR_87010781 Quarterly Comparison: Customer List
S_ALR_87010782 Quarterly Comparison: Product List
S_ALR_87010783 Division Comparison
S_ALR_87010784 Ranking List by Customer Group
S_ALR_87010785 Cost Element Report
S_ALR_87010786 Profit Center Report
S_ALR_87010787 Plan/Actual Comp. (COArea Currency)
S_ALR_87010788 Plan/Actual Comp. (CoCd Currency)
S_ALR_87010789 Automatic Currency Translation
S_ALR_87011760 Processes: Actual/plan/variance
S_ALR_87011761 List: Processes
S_ALR_87011762 Processes: Breakdown by Partner
S_ALR_87011763 List with partner
S_ALR_87011764 Processes: Actual/Target/Variance
S_ALR_87011765 List: Processes
S_ALR_87011766 List: Variances
S_ALR_87011767 List: Plan reconciliation
S_ALR_87011768 Processes: Value Added/Partner
S_ALR_87011769 Processes: Value Added Development
S_ALR_87011770 List: Prices/value added
S_ALR_87011771 List: Breakdown by process category
S_ALR_87011772 List: Breakdown by cost behavior
S_ALR_87011773 List: Cost component split
S_ALR_87011774 Stat. Key Figure: Monthly breakdown
S_ALR_87011775 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87011776 Cost Centers: Actl/target/variance
S_ALR_87011777 Activity Type: Load
S_ALR_87011791 Current Year with Percentage Bal. Sh
S_ALR_87011792 Comparison Previous Year with Varian
S_ALR_87011793 Comparison of Years
S_ALR_87011794 Quarterly Comparison
S_ALR_87011795 Period Comparison
S_ALR_87011796 Local and Group Currency Comparison
S_ALR_87011797 Version Comparison
S_ALR_87011798 Comparison of Consolidation Units
S_ALR_87011799 Comparison of Consolidation Groups
S_ALR_87011800 Comparision Consolidation Units/Grou
S_ALR_87011801 Changes from Local Values to Cons.Va
S_ALR_87011802 Quarterly Changes Income Statement
S_ALR_87011803 Quarterly Changes Balance Sheet
S_ALR_87011804 Monthly Changes
S_ALR_87011805 Sales by Region
S_ALR_87011806 Profit and Loss by Functional Area
S_ALR_87011807 Changes in Investee Equity
S_ALR_87011808 Asset History Sheet
S_ALR_87011830 Analysis of PCA Transaction Data
S_ALR_87011831 Analysis of PCA Transaction Data
S_ALR_87011832 EC-CS Integration: Cons. Units Used
S_ALR_87011833 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87011834 CM: Region/Business Area/Product Grp
S_ALR_87011835 Comparison: Current Year/Prev. Year
S_ALR_87011836 Quarters: Customer Group/Division
S_ALR_87011837 Quarterly Comparision: State List
S_ALR_87011838 Quarters: Product Group List
S_ALR_87011839 Division Comparison
S_ALR_87011840 Ranking List by Customer Group
S_ALR_87011841 Group: Prev. Year in Group Currency
S_ALR_87011842 Company: Prev. Year Comp. in Loc.Cur
S_ALR_87011843 Company Code: Prev.Year Comp. in GC
S_ALR_87011844 Company Code: Bal. Sheet Str., Prev.
S_ALR_87011845 Company Code: Profit Breakdown Comp.
S_ALR_87011846 Value Development in Group Currency
S_ALR_87011847 Value Development in Local Currency
S_ALR_87011848 Company Code Overview: Key Figures
S_ALR_87011946 List of Origins by Cost Elements
S_ALR_87011963 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011965 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011966 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011967 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011968 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011969 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011970 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011978 Asset Balances for Group Assets
S_ALR_87011979 Physical Inventory List
S_ALR_87011980 Physical Inventory List
S_ALR_87011981 Physical Inventory List
S_ALR_87011982 Physical Inventory List
S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet
S_ALR_87011992 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements
S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87011996 Asset History Sheet
S_ALR_87011998 Asset History Sheet
S_ALR_87012000 Asset Register (Italy)
S_ALR_87012002 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.
S_ALR_87012004 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012006 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012007 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012008 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012009 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012011 Write-Ups
S_ALR_87012013 Depreciation Comparison
S_ALR_87012015 Manual Depreciation
S_ALR_87012017 Asset Balances for Group Assets
S_ALR_87012018 Depreciation and Interest
S_ALR_87012026 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012028 Net Worth Valuation
S_ALR_87012030 Insurance Values
S_ALR_87012032 Statement of Net Assets (Japan)
S_ALR_87012033 Gain for Transfer of Reserves
S_ALR_87012035 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012037 Changes to Asset Master Records
S_ALR_87012039 Asset Transactions
S_ALR_87012041 Asset Balances
S_ALR_87012043 G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012045 Fixed Asset Ledger
S_ALR_87012046 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)
S_ALR_87012047 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)
S_ALR_87012048 Asset Transactions
S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisitions
S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements
S_ALR_87012054 Intracompany Asset Transfers
S_ALR_87012056 Directory of Unposted Assets
S_ALR_87012058 List of Origins of Asset Charges
S_ALR_87012060 List of Origins by Cost Elements
S_ALR_87012064 Depreciation
S_ALR_87012066 Analysis of Retirement Revenue
S_ALR_87012072 Scrap Value Depr. (Uniform Depr.)
S_ALR_87012073 Depreciation of Tangible Assets
S_ALR_87012074 Intangible Assets: Depreciation
S_ALR_87012075 Asset History
S_ALR_87012077 Vendor Information System
S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items
S_ALR_87012079 Transaction Figures: Account Balance
S_ALR_87012080 Transaction Figures: Special Sales
S_ALR_87012081 Transaction Figures: Sales
S_ALR_87012082 Vendor Balances in Local Currency
S_ALR_87012083 List of Vendor Open Items
S_ALR_87012084 Open Items: Vendor Due Date Forecast
S_ALR_87012085 Vendor Payment History
S_ALR_87012086 Vendor List
S_ALR_87012087 List of vendor addresses
S_ALR_87012089 Display Changes to Vendors
S_ALR_87012090 Display Critical Vendor Changes
S_ALR_87012093 Vendor Business
S_ALR_87012094 Open Bus. Transactions by Delivery
S_ALR_87012103 List of Vendor Line Items
S_ALR_87012104 List Of Cleared Vendor Items
S_ALR_87012105 List Of Down Payments Open
S_ALR_87012119 Cashed Checks
S_ALR_87012146 Payment notice (+/-)
S_ALR_87012148 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk
S_ALR_87012149 Belgium : BLIW-IBLC : Open Items
S_ALR_87012150 Registro de Entradas (Mod.1) + Lista
S_ALR_87012151 List of Outgoing Documents
S_ALR_87012152 Production Control Record
S_ALR_87012153 Physical Inventory Overview
S_ALR_87012154 Registro de Apuração do IPI (Modelo
S_ALR_87012155 Registro de Apuração do ICMS (Modelo
S_ALR_87012156 List of Interstate Operations
S_ALR_87012157 Directory for Calculating ISS Tax
S_ALR_87012158 Arquivo Magnético / Convênio ICMS 13
S_ALR_87012159 IN68: Master Data, Doc.Files, Tables
S_ALR_87012160 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account
S_ALR_87012161 Requirement to Report Payments
S_ALR_87012162 German Foreign Trade Regulations
S_ALR_87012163 German Foreign Trade Reg. Report
S_ALR_87012165 Vendor Balances (Poland)
S_ALR_87012166 Tax Vendor List (Russian Federation)
S_ALR_87012167 Accounts Rec. Information System
S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis for Open Items
S_ALR_87012169 Transaction Figures: Account Balance
S_ALR_87012170 Transaction Figures: Special Sales
S_ALR_87012171 Transaction Figures: Sales
S_ALR_87012172 Customer Balances in Local Currency
S_ALR_87012173 List of Customer Open Items
S_ALR_87012174 List of Customer Open Items
S_ALR_87012175 Open Items: Customer Due Date Forec.
S_ALR_87012176 Customer Eval. with OI Sorted List
S_ALR_87012177 Customer Payment History
S_ALR_87012178 Customer Open Item Analysis(Overdue)
S_ALR_87012179 Customer List
S_ALR_87012180 List of customer addresses
S_ALR_87012182 Display Changes to Customers
S_ALR_87012183 Display Critical Customer Changes
S_ALR_87012186 Customer Sales
S_ALR_87012195 Customer Master Data Comparison
S_ALR_87012197 List of Customer Line Items
S_ALR_87012198 List of Cleared Customer Items
S_ALR_87012199 Open Down Payments
S_ALR_87012215 Display Changes to Credit Management
S_ALR_87012249 Actual/Actual Comparison for Year
S_ALR_87012250 Half-Year Actual/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012251 Quarterly Actual/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012252 Periodic Actual/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012253 Annual plan/actual comparison
S_ALR_87012254 Half-Year Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012255 Quarterly Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012256 Periodic Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012257 10-Year Actual/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87012258 Balance sheet for Portugal: Assets
S_ALR_87012259 Balance Sheet Portugal: Liabilities
S_ALR_87012260 Balance Sheet for Portugal: P+L Part
S_ALR_87012261 Balance Sheet – Assets (Slovakia)
S_ALR_87012262 Balance Sheet:Liabilities (Slovakia)
S_ALR_87012263 Profit and Loss Statement (Slovakia)
S_ALR_87012269 Balance using C/S (German Trade Law)
S_ALR_87012270 Profit and Loss Statement(Per.Acctg)
S_ALR_87012271 Cash Flow (Direct Method)
S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant
S_ALR_87012273 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant
S_ALR_87012274 Cash Flow (AJI-03 Form)
S_ALR_87012275 Totals and Balances
S_ALR_87012276 G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012278 Structured Account Balances
S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account Balances
S_ALR_87012280 General Ledger Line Items
S_ALR_87012282 General Ledger Line Items
S_ALR_87012284 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement
S_ALR_87012286 Document Journal
S_ALR_87012287 Document Journal
S_ALR_87012288 Compact Document Journal
S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal
S_ALR_87012290 Line Item Journal
S_ALR_87012291 Line Item Journal
S_ALR_87012292 Display of Changed Documents
S_ALR_87012293 Display of Changed Documents
S_ALR_87012294 Compact Document Journal
S_ALR_87012295 Daily Report for Bank and Payment
S_ALR_87012296 Journal
S_ALR_87012297 Compact Journal (Poland)
S_ALR_87012300 G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012301 G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012304 General Ledger Line Items
S_ALR_87012307 Display Changes to G/L Accounts
S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts
S_ALR_87012310 Preliminary Bal. Sheet -Requirement:
S_ALR_87012311 G/L Account Balances (Poland)
S_ALR_87012325 Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87012326 Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87012327 G/L Account List
S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List
S_ALR_87012329 Account Assignment Manual
S_ALR_87012330 Account Assignment Manual
S_ALR_87012331 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account
S_ALR_87012332 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account
S_ALR_87012333 G/L accounts list
S_ALR_87012334 Average Balances Period Version LC
S_ALR_87012335 Average Balances Period Version TC
S_ALR_87012336 Avg.Balances Daily Vers.Posting Date
S_ALR_87012337 Avg.Balances Daily Vers.Fxd Val.Date
S_ALR_87012338 Avg.Balances Period Version LC YTD
S_ALR_87012339 Avg.Balances Period Version TC YTD
S_ALR_87012340 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice
S_ALR_87012341 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice
S_ALR_87012342 Gaps in Document Number Assignment
S_ALR_87012343 Posting Totals
S_ALR_87012344 Posting Totals
S_ALR_87012345 Recurring Entry Documents
S_ALR_87012346 Recurring Entry Documents
S_ALR_87012347 Document Items Extract
S_ALR_87012356 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_ALR_87012357 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_ALR_87012358 Additional List for Advance Return f
S_ALR_87012359 Additional List for Advance Return f
S_ALR_87012360 Deferred Tax Transfer
S_ALR_87012361 Tax Adjustment
S_ALR_87012362 Input Tax from Parked Documents
S_ALR_87012363 Cross-Company Code Tax
S_ALR_87012365 Tax Information (Country)
S_ALR_87012367 Extended Tax Journal
S_ALR_87012368 VAT Report with Magnetic Output for
S_ALR_87012369 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk
S_ALR_87012370 Print Program:Adv.Return for SalesTx
S_ALR_87012371 Annual Tax Return (Belgium) —->
S_ALR_87012372 Data Medium Exchange with Disk
S_ALR_87012373 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_ALR_87012374 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_ALR_87012375 Print Program:Adv.Return for SalesTx
S_ALR_87012378 Annual Tax Return
S_ALR_87012379 Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
S_ALR_87012380 Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
S_ALR_87012381 Taxes/Dues, Prepaid Exp., Donations
S_ALR_87012383 Entertainment Expense List
S_ALR_87012385 VAT Register (Poland)
S_ALR_87012386 VAT Report for Portugal
S_ALR_87012388 VAT Report (Russia)
S_ALR_87012389 Tax on Operating Profit: Russia
S_ALR_87012390 Tax List Domestic/Foreign Banks(RU)
S_ALR_87012394 Record of Use and Sales Taxes (USA)
S_ALR_87012395 Forced Update of the external audit
S_ALR_87012396 Display utility for Audit File index
S_ALR_87012397 Update Audit Files/Sales Ta
S_ALR_87012398 Purchase Ledger
S_ALR_87012399 Sales Ledger
S_ALR_87012400 EC Sales List
S_ALR_87012401 Payment Medium International – Load
S_ALR_87012402 EC Sales List (Belgium)
S_ALR_87012403 EC Sales List (Spain)
S_ALR_87012404 EC Sales List (Austria)
S_ALR_87012405 German Foreign Trade Regulations
S_ALR_87012406 Direct Reporting of Bank Transfers
S_ALR_87012431 Journal Entries by Company
S_ALR_87012433 Standard Reports
S_ALR_87012434 Comparisons
S_ALR_87012435 Value Developments
S_ALR_87012436 Exp. Balance Sheet Eval: Grid
S_ALR_87012437 Exp. Balance Sheet Eval: Runtimes
S_ALR_87012438 Expanded P+L Evaluations
S_ALR_87012636 Level Line Items and Totals Records
S_ALR_87012637 Compare FM Totals with FI Totals
S_ALR_87012638 Compare Line Items in FI and FM
S_ALR_87012794 Plan from Measures/Approp. Request
S_ALR_87012795 Plan in Program, Approp. Req., Meas.
S_ALR_87012796 Request Plan: Investments/Expenses
S_ALR_87012797 Budget Distribution to Measures
S_ALR_87012798 Request Plan/Budget for Measures
S_ALR_87012799 Cons. Request Plan/Budget for Meas.
S_ALR_87012800 Program Budget/Committed Funds
S_ALR_87012801 Budget for Measures/Committed Funds
S_ALR_87012802 Request Plan/Assigned
S_ALR_87012803 Budget for Measures by Org. Unit
S_ALR_87012804 Assigned Funds per Summ. Version
S_ALR_87012805 Structure and Value List
S_ALR_87012806 Structure and Value List
S_ALR_87012808 Overall Plan/Annual Plan in Program
S_ALR_87012809 Plan from Approp. Requests and Meas.
S_ALR_87012810 Plan Program, Requests, Measures
S_ALR_87012811 Investment/Expense Plan, Approp.Req.
S_ALR_87012812 Plan Version Comp.: Prog./Meas./App.
S_ALR_87012813 Plan/Budget Comparison in Program
S_ALR_87012814 Distribution of Overall Bdgt in Prog
S_ALR_87012815 Distribution of Annual Bdgt in Prog.
S_ALR_87012816 Overall/Annual Budget in Program
S_ALR_87012817 Budget Update in Program
S_ALR_87012818 Prog. Budget/Standard Invstmt Reason
S_ALR_87012819 Budget Distribution to Measures
S_ALR_87012820 Overall/Annual Budget in Measures
S_ALR_87012821 Distrib. of Bdgt to Meas. by Budget
S_ALR_87012822 Request Plan/Budget for Measures
S_ALR_87012823 Cons. Request Plan/Budget for Meas.
S_ALR_87012824 Budget Availability in Program
S_ALR_87012825 Budget Available for Measures
S_ALR_87012826 Available Meas. Budget by Org. Units
S_ALR_87012827 Available Meas.Budget by Person Resp
S_ALR_87012828 Measure Budget/DownPayments/Assignd
S_ALR_87012829 Available Budget in Prog. by Budget
S_ALR_87012830 Annual Expected Value from Measures
S_ALR_87012831 Request Plan/Assigned
S_ALR_87012832 Depreciation Simulation
S_ALR_87012833 Depreciation Simulation
S_ALR_87012834 Depreciation Simulation
S_ALR_87012835 Depreciation Simulation
S_ALR_87012930 List of Origins of Asset Charges
S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation
S_ALR_87012938 Overall/Annual Plan from Approp.Req.
S_ALR_87012939 Plan Version Comp.:Appropiation Req.
S_ALR_87012940 Investment/Expense Plan, Approp.Req.
S_ALR_87012941 Plan from Approp. Requests and Meas.
S_ALR_87012942 Plan Versions in Approp.Req./Measure
S_ALR_87012943 Request Plan/Budget for Measures
S_ALR_87012944 Request Plan/Assigned
S_ALR_87012945 Overall Plan/Annual Plan from Req.
S_ALR_87012946 Investment/Expense Plan
S_ALR_87012947 Plan Version Comparison: Requests
S_ALR_87012948 Request Plan By Status
S_ALR_87012949 Request/Measure Plan
S_ALR_87012950 Request Plan/Budget for Measures
S_ALR_87012951 Request Plan/Assigned
S_ALR_87012952 Document Structure Distribution
S_ALR_87012953 Material BOM Distribution
S_ALR_87012954 Plant Allocations to Mat. BOMs
S_ALR_87012955 Display Batch Input Data from Seq.
S_ALR_87012956 Display Batch Input Data from Seq.
S_ALR_87012957 BOM Changes for a Change Number
S_ALR_87012958 Display BOM Level by Level
S_ALR_87012959 Display Doc.Structure Level by Level
S_ALR_87012960 Display Multilevel BOM
S_ALR_87012961 Summarized BOM – Multilevel
S_ALR_87012962 BOM Comparison
S_ALR_87012963 Material Where-Used List
S_ALR_87012964 Single-Level Document Where-Used
S_ALR_87012965 Single-Level Class Where-Used List
S_ALR_87012966 Create BOMs using Batch Input
S_ALR_87012967 Change BOMs using Batch Input
S_ALR_87012968 Create Variant BOMs via Batch Input
S_ALR_87012969 Create BOMs using Batch Input
S_ALR_87012970 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.0)
S_ALR_87012971 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.5)
S_ALR_87012972 Pick-Up List for Batch Where-Used
S_ALR_87012973 Where-Used for Func. in Object Dep.
S_ALR_87012974 Where-Used for Var.Table in Obj.Dep.
S_ALR_87012975 Materials for Change Number
S_ALR_87012976 All Changes for Change Number
S_ALR_87012977 BOM Changes for a Change Number
S_ALR_87012978 Engineering Change Mgmt Status Rep.
S_ALR_87012979 ECH: Change Number Overview
S_ALR_87012980 ECM Browser:Engineering Change Hier.
S_ALR_87012981 ECH: ALE Distribution of Chge Master
S_ALR_87012982 Characteristics Mgmt: Display Char.
S_ALR_87012983 Display All Characteristics of Class
S_ALR_87012984 Classification: Use of Change Number
S_ALR_87012985 Display Obj. Dep. for Change Numbers
S_ALR_87012986 Overview of Configuration Profiles
S_ALR_87012987 Documents for Change Number
S_ALR_87012988 All Task List Changes for Change No.
S_ALR_87012989 Overview of Variant Table Lines for
S_ALR_87012990 Evaluation Comparison
S_ALR_87012991 Accounting Documents for Material
S_ALR_87012992 List of Parked Documents
S_ALR_87012993 Orders: Actual/plan/variance
S_ALR_87012994 Orders: Current Period/Cumulative
S_ALR_87012995 List: Orders
S_ALR_87012996 List: Orders by Cost Element
S_ALR_87012997 List: Cost Elements by Order
S_ALR_87012998 Orders: Breakdown by Partner
S_ALR_87012999 Orders: Actual/Plan/Commitments
S_ALR_87013000 List: Actual/Plan/Commitments
S_ALR_87013001 Orders: Yearly Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87013002 Orders: Quarterly Comparison – Act.
S_ALR_87013003 Orders: Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87013004 Orders: Yearly Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87013005 Orders: Quarterly Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87013006 Orders: Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87013007 SObj: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87013008 SObj: Actual/Plan/Commitment
S_ALR_87013009 SObj: Current/Cumulated/Total
S_ALR_87013010 Orders: Breakdown by Period
S_ALR_87013011 Orders: Actual/Plan/Price Variance
S_ALR_87013012 Orders: Actual/Plan/Consumption
S_ALR_87013013 Orders: Actual TCrcy/OCrcy/CAcrcy
S_ALR_87013014 List: Cost Elements (True Postings)
S_ALR_87013015 List: Actual Debit/Credit
S_ALR_87013016 List: Plan Debit/Credit
S_ALR_87013017 List: Actual/Plan/Var. Cumulative
S_ALR_87013018 List: Total Plan/Actual/Commitments
S_ALR_87013019 List: Budget/Actual/Commitments
S_ALR_87013028 Base Planning Object Overview
S_ALR_87013029 Where-used List Base Planning Obj.
S_ALR_87013036 Multilevel Expl.of Base Planning Obj
S_ALR_87013046 Planned Costs
S_ALR_87013047 Cost Components
S_ALR_87013048 Cost Elements
S_ALR_87013049 Comparison of Unit Cost Estimates
S_ALR_87013073 Overview of Order Hierarchies
S_ALR_87013092 Work in Process
S_ALR_87013093 Planned Costs
S_ALR_87013094 Actual Costs
S_ALR_87013095 Target/Actual/Production Variance
S_ALR_87013096 Target/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013097 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013098 Variance Categories
S_ALR_87013099 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013100 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013104 Sales Order Selection
S_ALR_87013126 Overview of Order Hierarchies
S_ALR_87013127 Order Selection
S_ALR_87013129 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013137 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013139 Target/Actual/Prod.Variances: Cum.
S_ALR_87013140 Target/Actual/Prod.Variances: Period
S_ALR_87013142 Target/Actual Comparison: Cumulative
S_ALR_87013143 Target/Actual Comparison: Periods
S_ALR_87013145 Plan/Actual Comparison: Cumulative
S_ALR_87013146 Plan/Actual Comparison: Periods
S_ALR_87013148 Variance Categories: Cumulative
S_ALR_87013149 Variance Categories: Periods
S_ALR_87013151 Actual/WIP: Cumulative
S_ALR_87013152 Actual/WIP: Periods
S_ALR_87013154 Planned Costs: Cumulative
S_ALR_87013155 Planned Costs: Periodic
S_ALR_87013157 Cumulated Actual Costs
S_ALR_87013158 Actual Costs: Periods
S_ALR_87013162 Overview of Order Hierarchies
S_ALR_87013170 Planned Costs
S_ALR_87013172 Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013180 Listing of Materials by Period
S_ALR_87013181 Material Ledger Data Over Sev.Period
S_ALR_87013182 Transaction History for a Material
S_ALR_87013326 Plan/Actual/Variance: Profit Ctr Grp
S_ALR_87013327 Plan/Actual/Variance: Profit Centers
S_ALR_87013330 Plan/Plan/Actual:Versions,PrCtrGrp
S_ALR_87013332 Curr.Period,Aggreg.,Year Pl/Act.PrCt
S_ALR_87013334 Actual Quarters Over Two Years:PCG
S_ALR_87013336 Plan/Actual Bal.Sheet Accts: PrCtr
S_ALR_87013337 Profit Center Group: Key Figures
S_ALR_87013339 PrCtr Comp.: Return on Investment
S_ALR_87013340 PrCtr Group: Plan/Actual Comparison
S_ALR_87013342 Statistical Key Figures
S_ALR_87013343 Profit Center: Receivables
S_ALR_87013344 Profit Center: Payables
S_ALR_87013345 Line Items: Periodic transfer, AR
S_ALR_87013346 Line Items: Periodic transfer, AP
S_ALR_87013347 Line Items:Periodic Transfer, Assets
S_ALR_87013348 Line Items: Periodic Transfer, Mat.
S_ALR_87013349 Average Balance YTD / Accounts
S_ALR_87013350 Average Balance YTD/Profit Centers
S_ALR_87013351 Average Balance Period / Accounts
S_ALR_87013352 Average Balance Period/Profit Ctrs
S_ALR_87013354 ALE: Plan/Actl/Variance Profit Ctr
S_ALR_87013355 Transfer Prices: Reconciliation for
S_ALR_87013421 Display Meas. Reading Entry List
S_ALR_87013422 Display Measuremt Docs from Archive
S_ALR_87013423 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.5)
S_ALR_87013424 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.0)
S_ALR_87013426 Maintenance Plan Costing
S_ALR_87013428 Package Sequence
S_ALR_87013429 Display Document Flow
S_ALR_87013430 Postprocessing of PDC Error Records
S_ALR_87013431 Confirmation Using Operation List
S_ALR_87013432 Display Confirmations
S_ALR_87013433 Display Document Flow
S_ALR_87013434 Material Where-used List
S_ALR_87013435 Output Usage Probability
S_ALR_87013531 Costs/Revenues/Expenditures/Receipts
S_ALR_87013532 Plan/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013533 Plan/Actual/Cmmt/Rem.Plan/Assigned
S_ALR_87013534 Plan 1/Plan 2/Actual/Commitments
S_ALR_87013535 Actual in COArea/Object/Trans. Curr.
S_ALR_87013536 Plan/Actual/Down Payment as Expense
S_ALR_87013537 Commitment Detail
S_ALR_87013538 Project Version Comparison:Act./Plan
S_ALR_87013539 Project Version Comparison: Plan
S_ALR_87013540 Forecast
S_ALR_87013541 Project Interest: Plan/Actual
S_ALR_87013542 Actual/Comm/Total/Plan in COAr crcy
S_ALR_87013543 Act/plan/variance abs./ % var.
S_ALR_87013544 Actual/Plan Comparison: Periods
S_ALR_87013545 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87013546 Commitments: Period comparison
S_ALR_87013547 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87013548 Stat. key figures/periods
S_ALR_87013549 Act/plan compare with partner
S_ALR_87013550 Debit in object/CO area currency
S_ALR_87013551 Plan: Debits in obj./CO area crcy
S_ALR_87013552 Debit/credit actual
S_ALR_87013553 Debit/credit plan
S_ALR_87013554 Comparison of 2 plan versions
S_ALR_87013555 Project results
S_ALR_87013556 Funds Overview
S_ALR_87013557 Budget/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013558 Budget/Actual/Commitmt/Rem.Plan/Assg
S_ALR_87013559 Budget/Distributed/Plan/Distributed
S_ALR_87013560 Budget updates
S_ALR_87013561 Availability Control
S_ALR_87013562 Annual Overview
S_ALR_87013563 Structure
S_ALR_87013564 Plan/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013565 Planned Contribution Margin
S_ALR_87013566 Actual Contribution Margin
S_ALR_87013567 Quotation/Order/Plan/Actual
S_ALR_87013568 Project Results
S_ALR_87013569 Incoming Orders/Balance
S_ALR_87013570 Act/plan/variance abs./ % var.
S_ALR_87013571 Actual/Plan Comparison: Periods
S_ALR_87013572 Project results
S_ALR_87013573 Overview
S_ALR_87013574 Expenditures
S_ALR_87013575 Revenues
S_ALR_87013576 Overview: Project Hierarchies
S_ALR_87013577 Costs/Revenues/Expenditures/Receipts
S_ALR_87013578 Plan/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013579 Plan/Actual/Commitment
S_ALR_87013580 SObj: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87013581 SObj: Actual/Plan/Commitment
S_ALR_87013582 SObj: Current/Cumulated/Total
S_ALR_87013583 Budget/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013584 Budget/Actual/Commitment
S_ALR_87013585 Plan/Actual/Variance
S_ALR_87013586 Planned Contribution Margin
S_ALR_87013587 Actual Contribution Margin
S_ALR_87013588 Order Profit
S_ALR_87013589 SObj: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87013590 SObj: Current/Cumulated/Total
S_ALR_87013591 Overview
S_ALR_87013598 Cost Elements: Breakdown by Bus.Area
S_ALR_87013599 Cost Elements: Breakdown by FuncArea
S_ALR_87013600 Cost Elem.: Obj. Class in Columns
S_ALR_87013601 Cost Elements: Breakdown by Obj.Type
S_ALR_87013602 Cost Elements: Obj. Type in Columns
S_ALR_87013603 CO/FI Reconciliation in Co.Code Crcy
S_ALR_87013604 CO/FI Reconciliation in Group Crcy
S_ALR_87013605 CO/FI Reconcil. CCode Crcy (BArea)
S_ALR_87013606 CO/FI Reconcil. Group Crcy (BArea)
S_ALR_87013607 CElem.: Company Code Allocations
S_ALR_87013608 CElem.: Business Area Allocations
S_ALR_87013609 CElem.: Functional Area Allocations
S_ALR_87013610 Cost Elements: Accrued Costs
S_ALR_87013611 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87013612 Area: Cost Centers
S_ALR_87013613 Range: Cost Elements
S_ALR_87013614 CCtrs: Current Period / Cumulative
S_ALR_87013615 Cost Centers: Breakdown by partner
S_ALR_87013616 Cost Centers: Breakdown by BusTrans
S_ALR_87013617 Range: Activity Types
S_ALR_87013618 Range: Statistical Key Figures
S_ALR_87013619 Areas: Assigned Orders/WBS Elements
S_ALR_87013620 Cost Centers: Act./Plan/Commitments
S_ALR_87013621 Range: Actual/Plan/Commitments
S_ALR_87013622 Cost Centers: Projection
S_ALR_87013623 Cost Centers: Quarterly Comparison
S_ALR_87013624 Cost Ctrs: Fiscal Year Comparison
S_ALR_87013625 Cost Centers: Actual/Target/Variance
S_ALR_87013626 Range: Cost Elements
S_ALR_87013627 Cost Centers: Variances
S_ALR_87013628 Cost Centers: Splitting
S_ALR_87013629 Activity Types: Reconciliation
S_ALR_87013630 Activity Types: Plan receivers
S_ALR_87013631 Cost Centers: Rolling Year
S_ALR_87013632 Cost Centers: Average Costs
S_ALR_87013633 Cost Centers: Act./Plan/Var./Prev.Yr
S_ALR_87013634 Cost Centers: Currency Translation
S_ALR_87013635 Area: Actual/Plan 2 Currencies
S_ALR_87013636 Cost Centers: Object Comparison
S_ALR_87013637 Area: Internal Business Volume
S_ALR_87013638 Cost Centers: Curr./Cum./Total Year
S_ALR_87013639 Cost Centers: Act/Target from Summ.
S_ALR_87013640 CCtrs: Period Breakdown Actual/Plan
S_ALR_87013641 CCtrs: Period Breakdown Act./Target
S_ALR_87013642 Cost Centers: Breakdown Resources
S_ALR_87013643 Range: Orders
S_ALR_87013644 Cost Centers: Cost Component Split
S_ALR_87013645 Stat. Key Figs: Period Breakdown
S_ALR_87013646 Activity Types: Period Breakdown
S_ALR_87013647 Activity Types: Scheduled/Plan
S_ALR_87013648 Range: Actual/Budget/Commitments
S_ALR_87014065 Overview of Maternity Data
S_ALR_87014085 Attendance Statistics
S_ALR_87014087 Resource Reservation
S_ALR_87014362 Open Purch.Req. Ref. Archived/Compl.
S_ALR_87014367 Quantity Flow Monitoring
S_ALR_87014369 Payment Cards: SD Documents
S_ALR_87014370 Payment Cards: Maintenance
S_ALR_87014371 Customer for Payment Cards
S_ALR_87014372 Payment Cards Invalid in a Period
S_ALR_87014379 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.5)
S_ALR_87014380 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.0)
S_ALR_87014381 Display Meas. Reading Entry List
S_ALR_87014382 Organization/Agent Call Vol. Report
S_ALR_87014383 CCM Agent Activity Report
S_ALR_87014384 CCM Profile Report
S_ALR_87014385 CCM Agent Profile Summary
S_ALR_87014386 CTI Profile/Framework:Detail Display
S_ALR_87014387 Display Document Flow
S_ALR_87014388 Display Confirmations
S_ALR_87014389 Maintenance Scheduling Overview
S_ALR_87014390 Maintenance Plan Costing
S_ALR_87014391 Object Costing
S_ALR_87014392 Display Document Flow
S_ALR_87014597 Settlement Unit Postings
S_ALR_87014598 Settlement Unit Postings
S_ALR_87014599 Settlement Unit Postings
S_ALR_87014602 Land Register Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014603 Business Entities Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014604 Property Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014605 Buildings Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014606 Rental Units Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014607 Partner Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014608 Partner for Real Estate Objects
S_ALR_87014609 Partner: Real Estate Objects,Address
S_ALR_87014610 Partner: Real Estate Objects,Address
S_ALR_87014611 Master SUs with Participating SUs
S_ALR_87014612 Lease-Outs: Standard Analysis
S_ALR_87014613 Index Data for Lease-Outs
S_ALR_87014614 Lease-Out Conditions
S_ALR_87014615 Maximum/Minimum Condition
S_ALR_87014616 Conditions: Tenants/Contracts
S_ALR_87014617 Rental Unit Conditions
S_ALR_87014618 Conditions: Tenants/Objects
S_ALR_87014619 Conditions Lease-Out/Rental Unit
S_ALR_87014620 Conditions by Owner
S_ALR_87014621 Key Figures Basic Rent
S_ALR_87014622 Rental Unit Areas
S_ALR_87014623 Rental Unit Areas by Tenants
S_ALR_87014624 Rental Unit Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014625 Areas/Usage Types
S_ALR_87014626 Areas/Usage Types (%)
S_ALR_87014627 Rental Unit Area History
S_ALR_87014628 Property Areas
S_ALR_87014629 Property Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014630 Property Area History
S_ALR_87014631 Building Areas
S_ALR_87014632 Building Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014633 Building Area History
S_ALR_87014634 Property Areas/Buildings/Rental Unit
S_ALR_87014635 PR/BU/RU Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014636 Areas, Rental Units (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014637 Rental Unit Areas by Tenants (Disp.)
S_ALR_87014638 Rental Unit Areas by Owners (DU)
S_ALR_87014639 Areas/Usage Types (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014640 Areas/Usage Types (%) (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014641 Rental Unit Area History (Disp.Unit)
S_ALR_87014642 Areas, Properties (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014643 Property Areas by Owners (Display)
S_ALR_87014644 Property Area History (Display)
S_ALR_87014645 Building Areas (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014646 Building Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014647 Building Area History (Display)
S_ALR_87014648 Property Areas/Buildings/RU(Displ.U)
S_ALR_87014649 PR/BU/RU Areas by Owners
S_ALR_87014650 Apportionment Units by Object
S_ALR_87014651 Apport. Units by Tenant/Agreement
S_ALR_87014652 Apport. Units by Tenant/Rental Unit
S_ALR_87014653 Deposits by Object
S_ALR_87014654 Deposits by Tenant/Contract
S_ALR_87014655 Deposits by Owner
S_ALR_87014656 Vacancies by Object
S_ALR_87014657 Areas/Usage Types (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014658 Areas/Usage Types (%) (Display Unit)
S_ALR_87014659 Reasons for Vacancy
S_ALR_87014660 Rental Unit Occupancy History
S_ALR_87014661 Depreciation (Absolute/Relative)
S_ALR_87014662 Depreciation %
S_ALR_87014663 Acquisitions/Retirements
S_ALR_87014664 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014665 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014666 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014667 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014668 Commitments: Period comparison
S_ALR_87014669 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014670 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014671 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014672 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014673 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014674 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014675 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014676 Actual/Commitments/Plan/Variances
S_ALR_87014677 Actual/Area Unit
S_ALR_87014678 Actual/Apportionment Unit
S_ALR_87014679 Maximum/Minimum Revenue
S_ALR_87014680 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014681 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014682 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014683 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014684 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014685 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014686 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014687 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014688 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014689 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014690 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014691 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014692 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014693 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014694 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014695 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014696 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014697 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014698 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014699 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014700 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014701 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014702 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014703 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014704 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014705 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014706 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014707 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014708 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014709 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014710 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014711 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014712 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014713 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014714 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014715 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014716 Actual/Commitments/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87014717 Actual/Area Unit
S_ALR_87014718 Actual/Apportionment Unit
S_ALR_87014719 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014720 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014721 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014722 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014723 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014724 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014725 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014726 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014727 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014728 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014729 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014730 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014731 Actual/Commitments/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87014732 Actual/Area Unit
S_ALR_87014733 Actual/Apportionment Unit
S_ALR_87014734 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014735 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014736 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014737 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014738 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014739 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014740 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014741 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014742 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014743 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014744 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014745 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014746 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014747 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014748 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014749 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014750 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014751 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014752 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014753 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014754 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014755 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014756 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014757 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014758 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014759 Commitments: Period Overview
S_ALR_87014760 Period Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014761 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014762 Commitments: Period Comparison
S_ALR_87014763 Period Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014764 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014765 Commitments: Year Overview
S_ALR_87014766 Year Overview – Plan
S_ALR_87014767 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014768 Commitments: Annual Comparison
S_ALR_87014769 Annual Comparison – Plan
S_ALR_87014770 Actual/Commitments/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87014771 Actual/Area Unit
S_ALR_87014772 Actual/Apportionment Unit
S_ALR_87014773 Line Items – Actual
S_ALR_87014774 Commitment Line Items
S_ALR_87014775 Management Contracts
S_ALR_87014776 Management Contracts, Current Period
S_ALR_87014777 Annual Overview
S_ALR_87014778 Year-To-Year Comparison
S_ALR_87014779 Period Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014780 Period Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014781 Year Overview – Actual
S_ALR_87014782 Annual Comparison – Actual
S_ALR_87014783 Management Agreement Actual Line It.
S_ALR_87014784 Management Agrmnt:Commitment Line It
S_ALR_87014785 Overview of Extern. Heating Expenses
S_ALR_87014786 Itemization for Settlement Units
S_ALR_87014788 SC Settlement
S_ALR_87014789 Credit/Receivables
S_ALR_87014790 Advance Payment Balances
S_ALR_87014791 Allocation per Tenant
S_ALR_87014792 Posting Log for SCS
S_ALR_87014796 Settlement Units: Actual Line Items
S_ALR_87014797 Settlement Units: Commitment Line It
S_ALR_87014798 Real Estate Option Rate Data
S_ALR_87015124 Progress Analysis
S_ALR_87015125 Progress Analysis: Detail
S_ALR_87015230 Position List:Traded Options/Futures
S_ALR_87099612 MM Remaining Term Statistics
S_ALR_87099617 Currencies and Time Frame
S_ALR_87099618 Dynamic Currency and Time Frame
S_ALR_87099669 TR Position Accounting
S_ALR_87099670 TR Position Overview
S_ALR_87099930 Analyze Costing Run
S_ALR_87099931 Analyze Costing Run
S_ALR_87099932 Variances Between Costing Runs
S_ALR_87099946 Sales Ledger (Chile, Peru)
S_ALR_87099947 Purchase Ledger (Chile, Peru)
S_ALR_87099948 Cash Journal (Chile, Peru)
S_ALR_87099949 General Ledger (Chile, Peru)
S_ALR_87099950 Journal (Chile, Peru)
S_ALR_87100087 5-Yr Int. Repayment Sheet for Bonds
S_ALR_87100089 DE Listed Futures: Date Comparison
S_ALR_87100090 DE OTC Interest Revenue List
S_ALR_87100176 Treasury: Call Up Correspondence
S_ALR_87100185 Actual Costs Per Month, Current FY
S_ALR_87100186 Plan Costs per Month, Current FY
S_ALR_87100187 Commitment per Month, Current FY
S_ALR_87100188 Cumulated Actual Costs
S_ALR_87100189 Actual/Planned Time Series
S_ALR_87100190 Actual/Plan/Var Project + Respons
S_ALR_87100191 Receipts/Expenditures in Fiscal Year
S_ALR_87100198 Offsetting Account Program
S_ALR_87100571 Eval.of SC Settlement: Apport.Result
S_ALR_87100623 Asset Retirements (French Law)
S_ALR_87100639 Commitment Line Items
S_ALR_87100684 Simulate APs to be Taken into Acct
S_ALR_87100802 Assign Open Items from OI Management
S_ALR_87100819 Capital Allowance Report (Singapore)
S_ALR_87100820 Balancing Adjustment Report
S_ALR_87100833 Standard for Italy, Spain
S_BCE_68001393 Users by address data
S_BCE_68001394 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001395 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001396 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001397 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001398 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001399 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001400 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001401 Critical Combinations of Auth.
S_BCE_68001402 With Unsuccessful Logons
S_BCE_68001403 With Critical Authorizations
S_BCE_68001404 Profiles by Contained Profiles
S_BCE_68001405 Profiles by Authorization Name
S_BCE_68001406 Profiles by Values
S_BCE_68001407 Profiles by Changes
S_BCE_68001408 Profiles by Roles
S_BCE_68001409 Profiles According to Complex Crit.
S_BCE_68001410 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001411 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001412 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001413 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001414 Auth. According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001415 Authorizations by Values
S_BCE_68001416 Authorizations by Changes
S_BCE_68001417 Auth. According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001418 Roles by Role Name
S_BCE_68001419 Roles by User Assignment
S_BCE_68001420 Roles by Transaction Assignment
S_BCE_68001421 Roles by Profile Assignment
S_BCE_68001422 Roles by Authorization Object
S_BCE_68001423 Roles by Authorization Values
S_BCE_68001424 Roles by Change Data
S_BCE_68001425 Roles by Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001426 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001427 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001428 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001429 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001430 Compare Users
S_BCE_68001431 Compare Profiles
S_BCE_68001432 Compare Authorizations
S_BCE_68001439 For user
S_BCE_68001440 For profiles
S_BCE_68001441 For authorizations
S_BCE_68001767 By Profile Name or Text
S_BCE_68001777 Compare Roles
S_BCE_68002030 Where-Used List for Authorization
S_BCE_68002041 Executable for Role
S_BIE_59000197 Report cross-system information
S_BIE_59000198 Report cross-system information
S_BIE_59000199 Report cross-system information
S_BIE_59000249 Roles By MiniApp
S_KFM_86000165 Display Limits for Limit Type:
S_KFM_86000166 Overview of Limit Utilizations
S_KI4_38000034 Index of Commitment Items
S_KI4_38000035 Account Determination for Requests
S_KI4_38000036 Assign Commitment Items to G/L Acct
S_KI4_38000038 Index of Funds Centers
S_KI4_38000039 Index of Funds
S_KI4_38000040 Index of Applications of Funds
S_KI4_38000041 FM Acct Assignments with Budget Memo
S_KI4_38000046 Assgd Funds (Overall Bdgt, Cmmt Bgt)
S_KI4_38000047 Assgd Funds (Annual Bdgt, Cmmt Bdgt)
S_KI4_38000048 Assgd Funds (Annual Bdgt, Cmmt Bdgt)
S_KI4_38000049 Assgd Funds (Overall Bgt, Rels, CB)
S_KI4_38000050 Assgd Funds (Annual Bdgt, Rels, CB)
S_KI4_38000054 Revenues Increasing the Budget
S_KI4_38000055 Collective Expenditures
S_KI4_38000056 Budget: Entry Documents
S_KI4_38000058 Document Lists of Requests
S_KI4_38000059 Budget Consistency Check
S_KI4_38000061 Worklist FMRC07 for Payment Matching
S_KI4_55000313 HESA Reporting (Interface to ALV)
S_L6B_69000188 VETS : US Legal Compliance Report fo
S_L9C_94000095 Headcount Changes
S_P00_07000003 Display Directly Assigned Costs
S_P00_07000050 Comparison of Currency Trans Keys
S_P00_07000064 Usage Level for Tax Exemption
S_P00_07000065 Anal.GR/IR Clrg Accts and Dis.Acq.Tx
S_P00_07000077 TH01
S_P00_07000078 TH02
S_P00_07000079 Orders: Settlement Statement
S_P00_07000111 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_P00_07000112 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
S_P00_07000113 Addit. List for Advance Tax Return
S_P00_07000114 Assign Open Items from OI Management
S_P00_07000116 Tax Information (Country)
S_P00_07000117 Annual Tax Return
S_P00_07000119 Tax Transfer Posting
S_P00_07000136 Transfer Deferred Tax
S_P00_07000139 J_1HSTCD
S_P00_07000140 J_1HSTKV
S_P00_07000141 J_1HSPIR
S_P00_07000163 Input Tax from Parked Documents
S_P00_07000189 Zusatzliste zur Umsatzsteuer-Voranme
S_P00_07000220 Vendor Payment History
S_P00_07000221 EC Sales List in DME Format
S_P00_07000329 Financial Statements
S_P6B_12000018 Cash Flow: Hungary
S_P6B_12000028 IN86: Cadastros, Files and Tabelas
S_P6B_12000038 Material Subledger (Poland)
S_P99_41000018 Order Selection
S_P99_41000029 Reporting Rental Units
S_P99_41000033 Asset Report Data Retr. (Portugal)
S_P99_41000034 Asset Report Print Prog. (Portugal)
S_P99_41000062 Materials List: Prices and Inventory
S_P99_41000073 CO Data for Lease-In
S_P99_41000074 Actual Individual Items Lease-ins
S_P99_41000076 Statistical Key Figures
S_P99_41000098 COA Report (Peru)
S_P99_41000099 Payment List
S_P99_41000100 Reporting: LO – Conditions
S_P99_41000101 Check Register
S_P99_41000102 Check Lots
S_P99_41000103 Analyze Lease-Out Notices
S_P99_41000111 List of Existing Mat. Cost Estimates
S_P99_41000117 PrCtr Actual Data: Transfer to EIS
S_P99_41000118 PrCtr Plan Data: Transfer to EIS
S_P99_41000147 RFFMRE10
S_P99_41000192 SAP Standard Variant
S_P99_41000281 Tenant Account Sheet: Screen List
S_P99_41000290 Rental Unit Use in Settlement
S_P9C_18000044 Annual Sales Ret. to Tax Office (PT)
S_PH0_48000096 Instructor Information
S_PH0_48000450 Date Monitoring
S_PH0_48000476 Business Event Information
S_PH0_48000513 Ad Hoc Query
S_PH9_46000016 Qualifications Overview
S_PH9_46000017 Succession Overview
S_PH9_46000018 Objects with Unrated Qualifications
S_PH9_46000019 Objects w/o Qualis or Requirements
S_PH9_46000022 List of Alternative Qualifications
S_PH9_46000122 History of Personnel Appraisals
S_PH9_46000123 Employee Action List
S_PH9_46000124 Personnel Record (Japan)
S_PH9_46000216 Service Anniversaries
S_PH9_46000217 Statistic: Gender by Service Age
S_PH9_46000218 Statistics: Gender Sorted By Age
S_PH9_46000220 Vehicle Search List
S_PH9_46000221 Birthday List
S_PH9_46000222 Family Members
S_PH9_46000223 EEs Who Entered And/Or Left Company
S_PH9_46000224 Education and Training
S_PH9_46000225 Powers of Attorney
S_PH9_46000227 Hay PayNet: Data Extraction
S_PH9_46000228 Data Extraction for Salary Survey
S_PH9_46000423 Budget Comparison
S_PH9_46000424 Cancellations per Business Event
S_PH9_46000425 Attendance and Sales Statistics
S_PH9_46000426 Attendees for Rebooking
S_PH9_46000427 Prebookings per Business Event Type
S_PH9_46000428 Prerequisites Matchup
S_PH9_46000429 Attendee’s Qualifications
S_PH9_46000430 Attendance Prerequisites
S_PH9_46000431 Attendee’s Training History
S_PH9_46000432 Employee List
S_PH9_46000433 Attendance List
S_PH9_46000434 Attendee List
S_PH9_46000435 Material Requirements per Event
S_PH9_46000436 Unassigned Resources per Event
S_PH9_46000437 Resource List per Event
S_PH9_46000438 Business Event Schedule
S_PH9_46000439 Unassigned Resources per Res. Type
S_PH9_46000440 Resource Reservation Statistics
S_PH9_46000441 Graphical Resource Reservation
S_PH9_46000451 Business Event Appraisals
S_PH9_46000452 Attendee Appraisals
S_PL0_09000127 Print Program: Spanish Invoice
S_PL0_09000158 Annual Operations Report (Spain)
S_PL0_09000159 RFUSVX11
S_PL0_09000240 NC-9901 Report: Generate Importable
S_PLN_16000292 Revenue Forecast
S_PLN_16000293 Total commitment
TBL2 Limits: Change Documents
TBL3 Limits: Overview
TBL4 Limit Utilization: Overview
TBL9 Display STC Logs
TBLB Limit Utilization: Overview
TBM4 Treasury: Master Agreement Changes
TBM6 Treasury: Vol. Check for Master Agr.
TBR0 Posting journal
TBZ8 Correspondence – Overview
THM81 OCI per hedging relationship
TJ01 Journal of transactions
TJ07 Interest Rate Adjustment Schedule
TJ10 Summary Journal Fin. Transctions
TJ12 Journal: Transactions w. Cash Flows
TLM0 Execute Report
TMB1 Premium reserve fund lists
TMB2 Statements
TMR1 Money Market: Flexible Position List
TPM12 Treasury Ledger: Position List
TPM13 Treasury Ledger: Flow List
TPM20 Posting Journal
TPM51 Periodic TRL Reporting
TX-2 Maturity schedule for fwd exch.trans
V-34 Create Freight 1
V-38 Display Freight 2
V-44 Display Material Price
V-48 Display Price List
V-51 Change Cust.price
V-64 Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-68 Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V.00 List of Incomplete Documents
V.01 Sales Order Error Log
V.02 List of Incomplete Sales Orders
V.03 List of Incomplete Inquiries
V.04 List of Incomplete Quotations
V.05 List of Incomplete Sched.Agreements
V.06 List of Incomplete Contracts
V.14 Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
V.15 Display Backorders
V.21 Log of Collective Run
V.24 Display Work List for Invoice Lists
V.25 Release Customer Expected Price
V.26 Selection by Object Status
V/I6 Display conditions using index
V/LD Execute pricing report
V23 Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
VA03 Display Sales Order
VA05 List of Sales Orders
VA07 Compare Sales – Purchasing (Order)
VA08 Compare Sales – Purchasing (Org.Dt.)
VA13 Display Inquiry
VA14L Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery
VA15 Inquiries List
VA23 Display Quotation
VA25 Quotations List
VA26 Collective Processing for Quotations
VA33 Display Scheduling Agreement
VA35 List of Scheduling Agreements
VA43 Display Contract
VA45 List of Contracts
VA46 Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
VA53 Display Item Proposal
VA55 List of Item Proposals
VAP3 Display Contact Person
VB(8 List Rebate Agreements
VB03 Display Material Listing/Exclusion
VB13 Display Material Substitution
VB23 Display Sales Promotion
VB25 List of Sales Deals
VB33 Display Promotion
VB35 Promotions List
VBG3 Display Material Grouping
VBK3 Display Bonus Buy
VBN3 Free goods – Display (SD)
VBO3 Display Rebate Agreement
VC/2 Customer Master Data Sheet
VC03 Display Sales Activity
VC05 Sales support monitor
VC15 Crossmatching
VCC1 Payment Cards: Worklist
VCH3 Display Batch Search Strategy
VCR1 Competitive products
VD03 Display Customer (Sales)
VD04 Customer Changes (SD)
VD53 Display Customer-Material Info
VD54 Display Customer-Material Info
VD59 List customer-material-info
VDH2 Display Customer Hierarchy
VDH2N Display customer hierarchy
VE01 INTRASTAT: Selection Dispatch to EU
VE02 INTRASTAT: Create Form – Germany
VE03 INTRASTAT: Create File – Germany
VE04 EXTRASTAT: Data selection for export
VE05 EXTRASTAT: Create File – Germany
VE06 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Belgien
VE07 Create INTRASTAT Form for France
VE08 Create INTRASTAT File for Italy
VE09 Create INTRASTAT file for Belgium
VE10 Create INTRASTAT file for Holland
VE11 Create INTRASTAT file for Spain
VE12 Create INTRASTAT form for Holland
VE13 KOBRA data selection: export Germany
VE14 Create KOBRA file for Germany
VE16 Create INTRASTAT form for Austria
VE17 Create INTRASTAT form for Sweden
VE18 SED data selection for USA exporters
VE19 Create SED form for USA
VE20 Create AERP file for USA
VE21 VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE22 Create VAR form for Switzerland
VE23 V.A.R.: File – Switzerland
VE24 Comm. Code Number Information (old)
VE25 SED: Selection: USA Carriers
VE27 HMF: Selection – USA
VE29 Assigned Documents for Each License
VE30 Existing licenses
VE31 Blocked SD Documents
VE32 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Ireland
VE33 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – U.K.
VE37 INTRASTAT: File – France
VE42 INTRASTAT: File – Denmark
VE45 INTRASTAT: Paper Form – Greece
VE46 INTRASTAT: File – Finland
VE54 Preference Determination: Collective
VE55 Preference Determination: Individual
VE67 Aggregate Vendor Declarations
VE68 Request Vendor Declarations
VE73 Goods Catalog: Create Document
VE74 Goods Catalog: Create Diskette
VE81 Check Report: General FT Data
VE82 Check Report: Export Control Data
VE83 Check Report: Preference Data
VE84 Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records
VE95 Create INTRASTAT papers: Portugal
VE96 EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Screen
VE97 Create EXTRASTAT tape: Netherlands
VEB6 Calculate Assemblies Collectively
VEFU Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
VEXU Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VF03 Display Billing Document
VF04 Maintain Billing Due List
VF05 List Billing Documents
VF23 Display Invoice List
VF24 Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VF25 List of Invoice Lists
VF31 Output from Billing Documents
VFRB Retro-billing
VFX3 List Blocked Billing Documents
VGM3 “Display Group for Freight List”
VI11 List shipment costs: Calculation
VI12 List shipment costs: Settlement
VI24 Code Number Information – Import
VI75 Vendor Declarations – Dunning notice
VI81 Check Report: CAP Products
VI82 Check General Customer Master Data
VI83 Check Customer Master/Legal Control
VI84 Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master
VI85 Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Vendor
VI98 Receipt-Basis for Intercomp.Billing
VI99 Returns and Credit Memos
VIJ1 Journal Import
VIJ2 Journal Export
VIMM Decl. Recpts/Disptch Min. Oil Prod.
VIS3 Check program: Cross-plant
VK13 Display Condition
VK33 Condition Maintenance: Display
VKM1 Blocked SD Documents
VKM2 Released SD Documents
VKM3 Sales Documents
VKM4 SD Documents
VKM5 Deliveries
VKP2 Display POS Conditions
VKP3 Pricing document for material
VKP4 Pricing document for org. structure
VKP7 Display pricing document
VKP8 Display Price Calculation
VKPR Read archive file
VKU4 Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material
VKU6 Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Change
VL03 Display Outbound Delivery
VL03N Display Outbound Delivery
VL04 Process Delivery Due List
VL06 Delivery Monitor
VL06C List Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06F General delivery list – Outb.deliv.
VL06G List of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issue
VL06I Inbound Delivery Monitor
VL06IC Confirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
VL06IF Selection inbound deliveries
VL06IG Inbound deliveries for goods receipt
VL06IP Inbound deliveries for putaway
VL06L Outbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06O Outbound Delivery Monitor
VL06P List of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06T List Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning)
VL10 Edit User-specific Delivery List
VL22 Display Delivery Change Documents
VL23 Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL33N Display Inbound Delivery
VL37 Wave Pick Monitor
VL38 Groups Created: Wave Picks
VL70 Output From Picking Lists
VL71 Output from Outbound Deliveries
VL72 Output from Groups of Deliveries
VL73 “Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries”
VL74 Output from Handling Units
VLLA RWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis
VLLE RWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis
VLLG RWE: Analyze Complete Overview
VLLQ RWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis
VLLR RWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis
VLPODA POD – Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODF Worklist: POD Subsequent Processing
VLPODL Worklist: POD Deliveries
VOB3 Comparison: Bill. Docs and Stats
VPE3 Display sales representative
VT03N Display Shipment
VT05 Worklist Shipping: Logs
VT11 Select Shipments: Materials Planning
VT12 Select Shipments: Transpt Processing
VT14 Select Shipments: Utilization
VT15 Select Shipments: Free Capacity
VT16 Select Shipments: Check In
VT22 Display Change-Document Shipment
VT32 Shipment Status list
VT70 Output for Shipments
VV13 Display Output: Sales
VV23 Display Output: Shipping
VV33 Display Output: Billing
VV53 Display Output: Sales Activity
VV63 Display Output: Handling Unit
VV73 Display Output: Transportation
VVG3 Display Output: Group
VX05 Customers for License
VX06 Export Control Classes for License
VX07 Simulation: License Check
VX08 Simulation: Boycott List Check
VX09 Simulation: Embargo Check
VX10 Countries of Destination for License
VX30 Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class
VXA1 Docs Assigned to Financial Documents
VXA2 Existing Financial Documents
VXA3 Financial Documents: Blocked Docs
VXA5 Document. Payments: Print Monitoring
VXA7 Documentary Payments: Simulation
VXJ1 MITI Declarations
VXJ2 Declaration of ImportBill.Docs Japan
V_NL Edit net price list
V_RA Backorder Processing: Selection List
V_SA Collective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.)
V_UC Incomplete SD Documents
V_UC_7 Incomplete SD Documents
WA03 Display Allocation Table
WA30 Allocation Tables for Objects
WA35 Allocation Instruction
WA52 Alloc Rule Lists
WAK13 Promotion Change Documents
WAK14 Report RWAKT310 (Promo for mat.)
WAK15 Report RWAKT320 (promos for plant)
WAK6 Initial scr.: overv. prices margins
WAP3 Display Appointments
WAP4 Appointments: Overview
WAP7 Appointments: Plnd/Actual Comparison
WB03 Display plant
WB35 Layout overview
WB40 List analysis for classes
WBF1 IS-R: Stock Overview, Empties
WEV3 Display planned retail markup
WEV7 Disp. pl. retail markup (price list)
WG24 Display material groups
WGUS Where-used list MG hierarchy
WKK3 Display Market-Basket Price Calc.
WLB2 Investment buying analysis
WLB4 Results List for Load Building
WLFB List header data billing document
WLFC List billing documents
WLFD List Remuneration List Header Data
WLFE Display Remuneration List Data
WLFG Display payment header data
WLFH Display payment documents with items
WLFO List of payment list header data
WLFP List of payment list data
WLFQ List of posting list header data
WLFR List of posting list data
WMB3 Display Competitor Price Entry
WMBE Stock Overview: Value-only Material
WPER POS interface monitor
WR60 Replenishment: Parameter Overview
WRMO Replenishment monitor
WVA3 Display planned mark-up
WVA7 Display planned markup (price list)
WVM3 Display material data transferred
WVM4 Display PROACT data received
WVN1 Pricing worklist for material
WVN2 Pricing worklist for organization
WWNC Subs. Settl. SettRun: DisplayCond.S.
WWSC Subseq.Settle.: Display Cond.Records
WZFT01 FT: Wizard – Declara. to Auth. (MM)
WZFT02 FT: Wizard – Declara. to Auth. (SD)
XD03 Display Customer (Centrally)
XD04 Customer Changes (Centrally)
XK03 Display vendor (centrally)
XK04 Vendor Changes (Centrally)

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