Do you know printing paper is possible in wireless printers.

Just click & read more..


What is cloud printing?

You can go through the concept of cloud printing in the link given. Just know how it works and what is cloud print?

If you are using google chrome as your web browser, just give Ctrl+P or print command. It will show the cloud print option.

In that you can select cloud printer if configured.

It is just like ordinary printer attached to your computer, here instead of your computer, it is network

Which printers are compactable?

Google given detail of cloud print concept. They have provided the list of compactable printers.

The recent models in

  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Epson
  • Brother
  • Fedex office

are compactable for google cloud printing.

Search for more printers.

How it helps?

Now you need a space nearer to your personal computer to print documents. In office / companies, you have to configure the printer in network through LAN. But in cloud printing it goes beyond your thinking. Yes.

The features of cloud printing gives you

  • Wireless atmosphere
  • Comfortable space for printers
  • Choice to print from anywhere to anywhere
  • Print from Mobile / Tablet

So, think your office in Newyork and want to give a print in India, Just ask people in India to switch on the printer. Click print button in Newyork and print will be in India.

Awesome experience.

Business opportunities

  • Share your printers and reduce your cost

Think how much is the cost of printing and send a letter from US to India. Instead of that install a cloud printer in India and use as your fax.This will reduce cost.

  • Start private cloud printer hub and earn profit

Best is make a private hub center of cloud printers and get customers around the world who likes to sent the paper printouts

  1. You can store the paper for your client
  2. You can send couriers inland instead of your client
  3. You can process and be a outsourcing accountant for your client
  • Other ideas

Be a home entrepreneur, get printer in your house, make it is rented for office premises/factories/courier office/travel agents.


Some more idea given at @cmavino timeline on 21st August 2014. I have retweeted it from @eb2b_Tech

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