Food business is good opportunity to earn income. Many of the foreign countries having this. Read a good article in this regard 

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In India, doing mobile food business is easy to commence. Earnings also good. But the name may be vary. They will not say it is food truck/mobile food etc. Instead we can say  Bannipoori shop, Tea shop, Baajii or Vada shop. Even there is no name for this. Each individual with one stove and a small trolley is doing business. 

There are two type of food business style. One has standing outside the trolley and serving people and second one the vendor stand inside the van/bus who serve food from there. This is based on nature of the food and investment made.

Indian food and beverage industry is Rs. 2 lakh crores and expected to be Rs. 3.8 lakhs crores. Quick service and casual dining restaurants are the major types of food business.

Approvals / License to be received

Now the approvals required for start a food business. 

1.Food License from FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) you would require individual licenses from FSSAI for the Delivery Boys/Vehicle, if any.

2. Eating house license: This is provided by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city.

3. Fire Department: Fire safety licence from Fire department.

4. NOC from local Municipal corporation.

It depends as it is not must required and no institute or organisation control this business.

Best place to put the food business


  1. Tourist place
  2. College campus or near place
  3. Bus stands
  4. Railway station
  5. Some residential areas (For esteem customers)
  6. Shopping malls

These place are more suitable to start a food shop. You can say it can be a tea shop or cake shop.

Use new technology

A food business can start using new technology like website, facebook for their business. If you already running a food business, think about it.

  1. Start a website: Use online software to get orders. But it is not worthy always. Direct visiting customers are good for growth. But the fame of your shop will grow and many opportunities will come.
  2. Facebook page : Even a petty shop can have facebook page and ask people to share their thoughts on the food taste or delivery or delighted customers feedback. Even you can make this for getting orders.
  3. SMS facility : If people interested to have the timing of your favorite dosa, then you can use SMS to inform the timing. Many software are there for it.

Franchise opportunities

If you like to do food business newly, it is better to get an idea on franchise. Many small shops are started in Chennai outer region now. I have seen a franchise called Temple City tea shop. It is a small cabin structure with 2-3 people for coffee, tea or some eatable. It is good to see the look of the cabin and seems very professional in handling. They use cabs for their head and use gloves for take the food. I have not noted the name of the company which gives franchise. But you can the website to know about more franchise opportunities.


They helps to start your small business in your area. Investment will be around Rs.1-2 lakhs maximum. So you can try and get exposure to the industry first.

See an example how a woman transformed a kisok to a restaurant  and become a good business woman.

Start with a business plan

For a new business, start with a business plan to start entrepreneur journey.  To get loans from banks or other financial institution it is more helpful. It will give you a structure of your business and how much you can achieve. It can be used as budget for your new business expense. Compare it with your performance after started your business.

Business deal

Business plan 

A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. This living document generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to grow revenues.

It gives about

  1. The business investor – about yourself
  2. The food market details
  3. The investment funding request
  4. Profit projection / Cash flow projection.

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