Food business
Doing full or part time business

Lending Book club:

Why cant start a book club in your area. Just make them as subscribers and ask them to collect the book on every weekend. No loss if books are used or buy at low rate. Small space in your home is enough. Create a facebook group or separate website for subscription is good choice.

Create a book reading group and collect their interest. Based on the interest list down the best books. On week end go and get the books in old market. Now, just sharing the list with the group will help you to get subscription.

It will be monthly subscription or one time subscription. You can decide the plan.

Tutoring for test preparation:

Every year, millions of high school students are trying to pump up their standardized test scores to try gain admission to their dream college. Many of them turn to tutors to get an edge.

To get into this field, you should be able to score reasonably well on whatever tests in which you will be specializing. If you haven’t aced your favorite test yet, then you could be your own first client and practice up. If you can send your own scores through the roof, you can then boast about the results!

Talk about a low-investment business…you don’t need one nickel to start this one! You don’t even need a car! You could advertise your services on bulletin boards around town and offer your tutoring either in your clients’ homes, at the library, or at the local coffee shop.


Income tax savings for senior people
Business men 

EBay Business

You can make good money on eBay or other online marketplaces. I met a high school student, for example, who made enough money to pay off a good chunk of his college tuition with an eBay enterprise. However, while an eBay business seems very simple, there are also plenty of people who have gotten tripped up in the process, made key mistakes, and had a rough go of it.


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