A new year is ahead 2018

Everybody knows time goes fast. You are tracking the time plan and achieve targets. Business and life both starts with time plan. Hope you will manage it efficiently. Now what is your next year time plan. I am giving a a warm greeting to all. Wish you a happy year ahead 2018 to you Now … Continue reading A new year is ahead 2018


How to file GST return GSTR 3B – India?

GSTR3B- the first return in GST  We have to file return in GST within 20th of this month Aug2017. As Government informed it is a simplified summary return. We have to declare the summary GST liabilities for the tax period and the discharge of these liabilities in a timely manner. GSTR1,2, & 3 As their … Continue reading How to file GST return GSTR 3B – India?

Evernote our new secretary

An evernote user experience

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I started using Evernote some time back to write down lists, of work that I wanted to complete and so on as I was just forgetting important tasks to complete.


And today it is my secretary in true sense 😀 . Its made me more efficient and it is very handy.

Reasons are:

  • Its easily accessible on the phone. And it gets easily synchronised to other devices, so you can access your note on multiple places.
  • Its intuitive. All features are self explanatory.
  • You can use text option, to make simple text lists.
  • You can click pictures and save them as a note, eases out saving and searching later.
  • Edit pictures.
  • Create your own doodles.
  • It also has an option to save voice notes. It was very handy for me sometime back when I was unable to type due to pain in my hands 😀 . That’s when I discovered…

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Lets learn business strategy

Here i got a good topic, business strategy. Like to know more. Click & read Watch this success story on strategy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efLm05euv68 Now, you are clear what is business strategy. It is the business plan defining how to do business. Definitely, Best business plans helps you to Save Time Save money Best results Comfort Satisfication … Continue reading Lets learn business strategy